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The Danmap River, approximately 75 kilometres east of Aitape in northern New Guinea, marked the first stage of the advance of the 6th Australian Division beyond the Aitape perimeter. On 27 November 1944 the 19th Brigade was ordered to establish itself at the village of Babiang and from there maintain contact with the Japanese along the Danmap, and thereby prevent them from moving west towards Aitape. With this objective achieved, the 19th Brigade was then ordered to cross the Danmap and clear a strip along the coast up to a north-south line between the villages of Abau and Malin. Troops of the 2/4th Battalion were the first across the Danmap on 18 December 1944. Patrol action by all three 19th Brigade battalions resulted in the Abau-Malin line being secured by 23 January 1945.

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