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  • Lake Tiberias
  • Semakh

On 25 September 1918, Semakh was the scene of a short action between Australian light horsemen and a mixed force of Turks and Germans. Located at the southern end of Lake Tiberias (the Sea of Galilee), Semakh was significant due to its position on the Damascus railway line. The Germans had added machine-gunners to the small Turkish garrison and command was entrusted to a German officer.

The 4th Light Horse Brigade, under Brigadier General William Grant, was sent to capture Semakh. As they approached the south of Semakh just before dawn on 25 September, the forward troops were heavily fired upon. The Australian troops charged the town, with two squadrons of the 11th Light Horse Regiment attacking the eastern end of Semakh and two squadrons of the 12th Light Horse attacking the western end. The town was captured by 5.30 am and 365 prisoners taken - half of them German.

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