Steele's Post

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  • Middle East
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Turkey
  • Dardanelles
  • Gallipoli
  • Anzac Area (Gallipoli)
  • Quinn's Post Area
  • Steele's Post

Named after Major Thomas Steele of the 14th Battalion, Steele's Post was the southern-most of three - Quinn's, Courtney's and Steele's - that occupied precarious, but critical, positions along the lip of Monash Valley, in the heights above ANZAC Cove. Monash Valley ran right into the heart of the ANZAC position and, as Shrapnel Valley, continued on down to the beach at ANZAC Cove. From Steele's, several tunnels were pushed out towards the Turkish trenches opposite, and some of these were used in a disastrous attack on German Officer's Trench in the small hours of 7 August 1915.

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