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TitleVolume I – The Story of ANZAC from the outbreak of war to the end of the first phase of the Gallipoli Campaign, May 4, 1915 (11th edition, 1941)
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MakerBean, Charles Edwin Woodrow (C E W)
DescriptionThis first volume starts with the outbreak of war and ends on 4 May 1915 - just nine day after the fateful Gallipoli landing. It sets the whole campaign in perspective, starting with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in June of 1914 and the almost inevitable build-up to full-scale invasion and war. The Australians and New Zealanders were quick to respond to the calls of the mother country, recruiting for the AIF beginning six days after the outbreak of war. And by early November the first Australian and New Zealand contingent was able to sail from Australia arriving in Cairo in early December.

Introduction by Ken S Inglis, to the University of Queensland Press edition.

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PDF 1.87 MB Prefaces, Contents, List of illustrations, List of maps, List of sketch maps, Abbreviations, Chronology to the end of April 1915, and Introduction – The Australian Nation and the War (pages i-xlvii)
PDF 895.25 KB Chapter I – Australia’s Position at the Outbreak (pages 1-19)
PDF 808.81 KB Chapter II – The Australian Offer (pages 20-36)
PDF 1.21 MB Chapter III – The “A.I.F.” (pages 37-63)
PDF 887.89 KB Chapter IV – The First Australian Staff (pages 64-81)
PDF 910.69 KB Chapter V – The First Contingent Sails (pages 82-100)
PDF 622.68 KB Chapter VI – The Voyage and the Emden (pages 101-114)
PDF 1.26 MB Chapter VII – The Training in the Desert (pages 115-139)
PDF 1.14 MB Chapter VIII – The Turkish Expedition against Egypt (pages 140-165)
PDF 1.66 MB Chapter IX – The Expedition to the Dardanelles (pages 166-201)
PDF 833.92 KB Chapter X – The Corps Leaves Egypt (pages 202-218)
PDF 1.15 MB Chapter XI – The Gaba Tepe Plan (pages 219-244)
PDF 1.93 MB Chapter XII – The Landing at Gaba Tepe (pages 245-281)
PDF 1.28 MB Chapter XIII – Baby 700 (pages 282-305)
PDF 812.55 KB Chapter XIV – The Loss of Baby 700 (pages 306-321)
PDF 697.22 KB Chapter XV – The Extreme Left (pages 322-335)
PDF 1.11 MB Chapter XVI – The 3rd Brigade on the“400 Plateau” (pages 336-358)
PDF 2.14 MB Chapter XVII – The 2nd Brigade on the “400 Plateau” (pages 359-404)
PDF 989.43 KB Chapter XVIII – The Advance to Pine Ridge (pages 405-424)
PDF 829.93 KB Chapter XIX – MacLaurin’s Hill and the Bloody Angle (pages 425-443)
PDF 1.75 MB Chapter XX – Mustafa Kemal’s Counter–Attack and the First Night (pages 444-481)
PDF 748.01 KB Chapter XXI – The 4th Battalion’s Advance on the “400 Plateau” (pages 482-498)
PDF 1.17 MB Chapter XXII – The Second Turkish Counter–Attack (pages 499-523)
PDF 940.3 KB Chapter XXIII – The Relief by the Marines (pages 524-542)
PDF 1.16 MB Chapter XXIV – ANZAC Beach (pages 543-562)
PDF 578.74 KB Chapter XXV – The Clearing of the Wounded (pages 563-574)
PDF 1.59 MB Chapter XXVI – End of the First Phase of the Campaign (pages 575-608)
PDF 504.98 KB Glossary (pages 609-618)
PDF 2.21 MB Index (pages 619-662)