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TitleVolume III – The Australian Imperial Force in France, 1916 (12th edition, 1941)
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MakerBean, Charles Edwin Woodrow (C E W)

After the evacuation from the Gallipoli Peninsula at the end of 1915 the AIF returned to Egypt where it was reorganised into two corps, I and II Anzac. By mid–1916 both Corps had arrived on the Western Front where operations on the Somme were about to begin. In Volume III of the Official History, C.E.W. Bean describes the major Australian contribution to the Somme Campaign, destined to be its worst ordeal of the war.

Introduction by P A Pedersen, to the University of Queensland Press edition.

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PDF 410.13 KB Preface, Contents, List of illustrations, List of maps, Diagram, and Chronology for 1916 (pages i-xvi)
PDF 1.46 MB Chapter I – Preparations in Egypt – The Desert Line (pages 1-31)
PDF 1004.73 KB Chapter II – The doubling of the A.I.F. (pages 32-68)
PDF 1.08 MB Chapter III – The Arrival in France (pages 69-91)
PDF 1.27 MB Chapter IV – The Move to the Front (pages 92-116)
PDF 1.34 MB Chapter V – Trench–warfare at Armentieres (pages 117-144)
PDF 2.08 MB Chapter VI – The New Base (pages 145-187)
PDF 1.38 MB Chapter VII – The First Fighting in France (pages 188-218)
PDF 1.1 MB Chapter VIII – The Planning of the Somme Offensive (pages 219-242)
PDF 1.65 MB Chapter IX – The Raids at Armentieres (pages 243-287)
PDF 916.72 KB Chapter X – The Arrival of II ANZAC (pages 288-306)
PDF 949.73 KB Chapter XI – Opening of the Offensive and the Move to Messines (pages 307-327)
PDF 2.9 MB Chapter XII – The Battle of Fromelles (pages 328-390)
PDF 2.76 MB Chapter XIII – The Battle of Fromelles (continued) (pages 391-447)
PDF 2.28 MB Chapter XIV – Operations at Pozieres – July 14th to 22nd (pages 448-493)
PDF 1.87 MB Chapter XV – The Taking of Pozieres (pages 494-531)
PDF 1.4 MB Chapter XVI – The Taking of Pozieres (II) – German Bombardment Begins (pages 532-557)
PDF 2.06 MB Chapter XVII – The Taking of Pozieres (III) – July 25th and 26th (pages 558-599)
PDF 2.28 MB Chapter XVIII – First General Assault upon Pozieres Heights (pages 600-646)
PDF 2.46 MB Chapter XIX – The Taking and Holding of the Pozieres Heights (pages 647-698)
PDF 1.29 MB Chapter XX – The Last Counter–attack on Pozieres Heights (pages 699-725)
PDF 2.14 MB Chapter XXI – The Advance to Mouquet Farm (pages 726-770)
PDF 1.5 MB Chapter XXII – The Deadlock at Mouquet Farm (pages 771-802)
PDF 2.8 MB Chapter XXIII – The Last Attacks on the Farm (pages 803-861)
PDF 1.53 MB Chapter XXIV – The Effects of Pozieres. Rest at Ypres (pages 862-893)
PDF 2.77 MB Chapter XXV – Flers. The Somme Battle Ends (pages 894-949)
PDF 466.29 KB Chapter XXVI – Winter (pages 950-958)
PDF 317.16 KB Appendix 1 – the Sollum Expedition (pages 959-964)
PDF 119.45 KB Appendix 2 – the Light Cars in the Libyan Desert (pages 965-967)
PDF 186.62 KB Colour Patches of the Australian Forces [Appendix 3] (pages 968-968g)
PDF 4.1 MB Index (pages 969-1036)