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TitleVolume IV – The Australian Imperial Force in France, 1917 (11th edition, 1941)
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MakerBean, Charles Edwin Woodrow (C E W)

After the AIF’s terrible losses on the Somme and at Fromelles in 1916, the 1917 volume opens with plans for the coming twelve months. These were set back however when the Germans carried out an extensive evacuation. Its completion found the Germans behind well prepared defences, which the Entente forces, including the Australians, attached with little real success for the rest of the year.

Introduction by Bill Gammage, to the University of Queensland Press edition.

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PDF 238.52 KB Preface, Contents, List of illustrations, and Chronology for 1917 (pages i-xii)
PDF 910.88 KB Chapter I – Plans of the Allies for 1917 (pages 1-18)
PDF 1.33 MB Chapter II – The Winter Ends. Stormy Trench (pages 19-43)
PDF 810.63 KB Chapter III – The German Plan, 1917, and its Immediate Result (pages 44-59)
PDF 2.64 MB Chapter IV – The Germans Retire (pages 60-111)
PDF 1.67 MB Chapter V – The Occupation of Bapaume. Discord in the High Command (pages 112-143)
PDF 3.15 MB Chapter VI – The Advanced Guards (pages 144-206)
PDF 2.16 MB Chapter VII – The Taking of the Outpost Villages (pages 207-251)
PDF 1.57 MB Chapter VIII – Arras, and the Genesis of the Bullecourt Plan (pages 252-284)
PDF 3.43 MB Chapter IX – The First Battle of Bullecourt (pages 285-354)
PDF 2.33 MB Chapter X – Lagnicourt – the German Counter–stroke (pages 355-403)
PDF 1.38 MB Chapter XI – Nivelle’s Offensive, and the “Second Bullecourt” Plan (pages 404-430)
PDF 2.78 MB Chapter XII – The Second Battle of Bullecourt (pages 431-488)
PDF 2.77 MB Chapter XIII – The Second Battle of Bullecourt (II) (pages 489-545)
PDF 2.05 MB Chapter XIV – The Flanders Plan. The 3rd Division (pages 546-587)
PDF 2.5 MB Chapter XV – The Battle of Messines – June 7th (pages 588-636)
PDF 2.3 MB Chapter XVI – Holding the Gains at Messines (pages 637-682)
PDF 2.6 MB Chapter XVII – The Third Battle of Ypres (pages 683-734)
PDF 3.06 MB Chapter XVIII – Step by Step. (1) The Menin Road (pages 735-790)
PDF 2.2 MB Chapter XIX – Second Step – Polygon Wood (pages 791-832)
PDF 2.45 MB Chapter XX – Third Step – Broodseinde Ridge (pages 833-877)
PDF 1.22 MB Chapter XXI – The Plan Breaks Down. Passchendaele I – October 9th (pages 878-900)
PDF 2.49 MB Chapter XXII – Passchendaele II – October 12th (pages 901-948)
PDF 663.23 KB Appendix 1 – The Mines at Hill 60 (pages 949-959)
PDF 294.49 KB Appendix 2 – The 2nd Tunnelling Company in the Affair at Nieuport (pages 960-964)
PDF 179.65 KB Appendix 3 – Work of 3rd Tunnelling Company at Hill 70 (pages 965-967)
PDF 3.84 MB Index (pages 968-1030)