Housewife : Lieutenant L R Hughes, 12th Australian Infantry Regiment (Launceston Regiment)

Unit Launceston Regiment
Place Oceania: Australia, Tasmania, Launceston
Accession Number REL/04187
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Cotton, Linen, Steel, Suede, Wood
Maker Unknown
Place made Australia: Tasmania, Launceston
Date made c 1907
Conflict Period 1910-1919

Green suede housewife which rolls around a cylinder whose ends are held rigid by means of a thick leather disc held in place at each end by a green suede thong which passes through reels of thread held in the cylinder formed the discs. The thong is knotted at each end, outside the ends of the cylinder. There are three wooden reels of thread inside the cylinder - a reel each of black and white cotton thread, both made by Clarke & Co, and a larger reel of 'Superior' linen thread. Rolled around the reels is an unopened packet of 'Janar' assorted needles. The long flap of the housewife, which rolls around the cylinder and is fastened with a pair of green suede ties and a button (button no longer present) carries two panels of blue and white striped cotton, now stained green from contact with the leather. One panel bears five large safety pins, including two with a kilt type closure, and six white linen covered buttons; the second panel bears five smaller, badly corroded safety pins and a collection of standard pins.

History / Summary

This housewife was carried by Lieutenant Lloyd Richard Hughes, from Launceston, Tasmania, who was commissioned in the 12th Australian Infantry Regiment on 4 January 1907. The colour of the housewife echoes the green of the collar patches and shoulder cords worn by infantry regiments wearing the 1st Commonwealth Pattern uniform of 1903-1912.