German Army cloth mine warning sign
ID numberREL25206
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleGerman Army cloth mine warning sign
Object typeHeraldry
Date madec 1943-1944
Physical descriptionCotton
DescriptionSquare yellow cotton sign printed in black with a skull & cross bones. The top and bottom of the sign has been hemmed over to hold a 210mm long steel wire rod. This rod has been bent round at each end to form a hook. This particular example only has the bottom rod present.
SummaryAssociated with Colin Fraser, a member of 460 Squadron RAAF, who was forced to bale-out over Germany on Anzac Day 1945. After a short spell in Stalag 7A, the war ended, and he was taken with other POWs to Ingolstadt Aerodrome for repatriation on Dakota aircraft. Whilst at the aerodrome he and other Allied personnel souvenired items from the former German barracks. He acquired this German cloth mine warning sign and a field pack (REL25205).
LocationMain Bld: Orientation Gallery