'Berlin or Bust' : patriotic dexterity game

Place Oceania: New Zealand
Accession Number REL29394
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Wood; brass; paint; paper
Maker Advertising Craft Ltd
Place made New Zealand: North Island, Wellington, Wellington
Date made c 1939-1940
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

A child's wooden board game, in the shape of a tombstone, being square on the bottom edge and curved at the top. It is made from a sheet of softwood with a seperately nailed-on thin raised timber edging. The game is designed to be played in a near lying flat position with the head of the board being slightly raised by means of a spacer rail nailed on the underside. The game was played with six coloured marbles, painted in three colours representing the three armed services. To play the game, marbles would be propelled by hand up a race situated on the righthand side of the board, allowing them to roll downhill under gravity on to the main playing board with the chance opportunity of being caught in various holes and snares, each labelled and number scored as military target objective. The targets include, Heligoland, Bremen, Siegfried Line and Sylt. Each target objective is painted with different military motif such as an aeroplane, tank, ship or factory. A small strip along the botton edge of the board is labelled as Neutral Territory. At the head of the board is the wording Berlin or Bust. In the centre of the board is a snare featuring a cartoon style portrait of Hitler. The board is painted lime green with a red edging. The motifs are painted in red, white and blue. The underside of the board game has a glued-on printed paper instruction label. The coloured marbles are missing from the game.

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