Patriotic crocheted traycloth : Australian homefront, First World War
ID numberREL33929
Collection typeHeraldry
TitlePatriotic crocheted traycloth : Australian homefront, First World War
Object typeHeraldry
Place madeAustralia
Date madec 1915-1918
Physical descriptionCotton
DescriptionHandmade filet crochet cotton patriotic tray cloth, showing a ship and Union Jacks in the centre with 'DARDANELLES 1915 OUR HEROES', and a border of crossed Union Jacks and French tricolors and Victoria Crosses. An anchor is set in each corner in the angle formed by the crossed flag poles.
SummaryThe maker of this patriotic tray cloth is unknown. Patterns for items such as this appeared in various women's journals during the First World War and could be adapted or combined make a variety of commonly used household items, such as tray cloths, milk jug covers, antimacassars and even bedspreads. Less useful applications included patriotic edging that was tacked to the edges of mantle pieces or window frames.