Gold 5 RAR cravat with embroidered tiger : Captain S N Gower, 1 Field Regiment

Accession Number REL34011
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Cotton, Polyester
Maker Unknown
Place made Switzerland
Date made c 1966
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975

Gold terylene cravat embroidered with the unofficial symbol of 5 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (the 'Tiger Battalion') consisting of the number 5 over a snarling tiger in profile, over a pair of crossed flowers, on a lozenge field divided into red and white quarters.

History / Summary

Gold cravat worn by 47030 Captain Stephen Newman (Steve) Gower, 1 Field Regiment, artillery forward observer attached to 'A' Company, 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, (5RAR) and then 'C' and 'D' companies, 6 Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR). Captain Gower, born 10 June 1940, served in Vietnam during 1966 and 1967.

The cravat was issued to Captain Gower during his attachment to 5RAR. It is in the battalion's colours of black and gold and carries an embroidered interpretation of the 5RAR mascot, a tiger, from which it is known as 'The Tiger Battalion'. The cravats were made in Switzerland but the embroidery was executed in South Vietnam.

Although acquired during his service in South Vietnam, Gower advised that he never wore the cravat in country.