Veldzakboekje : R B Baert, KNIL
ID numberREL34264
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleVeldzakboekje : R B Baert, KNIL
Object typePersonal Equipment
Place madeNetherlands
Date madec 1930s
Physical description
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
DescriptionVeldzakboekje (field service book) issued to soldiers of the Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL). The book contains 16 pages with spaces for the soldier's personal and service details.
SummarySoldiers of the KNIL were issued with a 'Veldzakboekje' or 'field service book' in which their details were recorded. Renè Benedictus Baert was born in the Netherlands, and after initial military service at Bandoeng, Java, appears to have entered the Pilots' and Observers' School at Kalidjati. Unfortunately, no details of his subsequent career are known.