Fundraising badge : Children's Flower Day 1919 Peace Year
ID numberREL39124
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleFundraising badge : Children's Flower Day 1919 Peace Year
Object typeBadge
Place madeAustralia: South Australia
Date made1919
Physical description
  • Celluloid
  • Paper
  • Tin
DescriptionCircular pressed tinplate badge with a celluloid face and a pin attachment to the reverse. The design is set against a white background and features a gold bordered seven point star as a border for a coloured illustration of a weatherboard house set in bush, accompanied by the words 'Children's Flower Day 1919 / Peace Year'.
SummaryFundraising badge produced to promote the 1919 Children's Flower Day. Such badges were sold in trams, buses, at railways stations and at rallies to raise money for the stated cause. This example is associated with one of the many Flower Days then popular, and celebrates the first year of Peace since August 1914. Children's Flower Day sprung from the League of Young Gardeners, raised in 1916, which encouraged the cultivation of food and garden plots. Three different styles of Flower Days evolved from this movement and raised 126,354 pounds for the war effort. Note the use of the seven pointed star border, symbolising the seven states of Australia.