HMAS Melbourne (I) sweetheart brooch
ID numberREL41795
Collection typeHeraldry
TitleHMAS Melbourne (I) sweetheart brooch
Object typeHeraldry
MakerC T & S
Date madec 1913
Physical description
  • Enamel
  • Silver
DescriptionRound, sterling silver and enamel sweetheart brooch in blue, red and white. The centre of the brooch carries a representation of the Corporation Seal first used by the City of Melbourne in 1842, which was adopted as the ship's badge of HMAS Melbourne (I). The centre of the badge carries a shield quartered by the cross of St George, within a silver wattle wreath. Beneath, on a blue scroll, is the motto 'VIRES ACQUIRIT EUNDO' [we gather strength as we go[. The shield is quartered in red and blue: the upper left quarter shows a representation of the golden fleece; the upper right quarter shows a whale; the lower left quarter shows a bull; and the lower right a sailing ship. Above the shield is the upper half of a kangaroo. The badge is superimposed on a white enamelled ground, with a silver edged blue rim bearing the words, 'H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE'.

The back of the brooch has a simple pin fitting, and a ring to take a safety chain (not present). 'C.T&S. STERLING SILVER' is impressed across the bottom.
SummaryThe history of this item is unknown. It likely to have been produced as a sweetheart brooch to celebrate the commissioning of HMAS Melbourne (I), a Chatham class light cruiser, into the Royal Australian Navy in 1913.