Mounted hide of a horse

Collection ID RELAWM12675
Collection type Heraldry
Title Mounted hide of a horse
Object type Heraldry
Maker Rowland Ward Ltd

Mounted hide of a chestnut gelding, 15.1 hands high, with a partial white pastern on the near hind leg. The near shoulder bears a station brand which, although now unclear, appears to be in the form of a pattern within an oval. It is described in the animal's Veterinary Record Sheet as being a cross within a circle over the number 177. Each hoof is branded on the centre front of the wall: near hind '28'; off hind '71'; near fore '51; off fore '7H'. The horse has a hogged mane and forelock. The tail has been neatened by pulling out the short side hairs down each side of the dock, while the free end is banged (cut horizontal to the ground) so that it is carried at the regulation eight inches below the point of the hock.

A 1902 Universal Pattern bridle, with attached fly veil and headrope is permanently fixed to the horse's head.

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