Model Ship SMS Emden : Quartermaster, SMS Emden
ID numberRELAWM14258
Collection typeTechnology
TitleModel Ship SMS Emden : Quartermaster, SMS Emden
Object typeModel
Place madeAustralia
Date madec 1916
Physical description
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Wire
  • Wood
DescriptionHand made model of SMS Emden, realised in wood, brass, copper and wire, in approximately 1:150 scale. The hull is carved from wood, and features teak decking, full rigging, gun turrets, separate lifeboats (one is missing on the starboard side), brass screws and rudder, and brass name and decorative scroll/coat of arms on the bow. The whole model is mounted on a pair of turned brass rods.
SummaryThis model was originally made by the Quartermaster of the SMS Emden while he was a prisoner of war at Holdsworthy Camp after the destruction of the Emden by HMAS Sydney in 1914. The model then passed into the hands of Lieutenant Kenneth Briscombe, who served as a dentist at Holdsworthy. The model was donated to the Memorial in the late 1940s, where it was repaired (but not improved) by model maker Peter Andreas. There were concerns about the accuracy of the rigging, but every effort was made to replicate the original maker's intention.
LocationAnzac Hall: Main Hall: Naval