Surrender table : Ford Company of Malaya Ltd, Singapore

Collection ID RELAWM32783
Collection type Heraldry
Title Surrender table : Ford Company of Malaya Ltd, Singapore
Object type Heraldry
Maker Unknown
Physical description

Six legged wooden table, made from teak. The table top is 32 mm thick, made from 20 abutted planks of wood, constructed in two layers, screwed together and supported by a box frame reinforced with a cross frame, to which the tapered legs are also screwed. A beading (15 mm high) is attached to the base of the side frame (100 mm deep), designed to protect the user's legs when seated. The square profile legs are 750 mm high and taper from a width of 100 mm at the top, to 70 mm at the start of the box foot. Each box foot is 100 mm high, 95 mm wide at the top and 70 mm at the base. An engraved nickel plated plaque is tacked to the proper right side frame and says 'PRESENTED TO / THE AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL / BY / FORD MOTOR COMPANY OF MALAYSIA LTD / November 1964'. There are no manufacturer's markings visible on or underneath the table. There are several illegible scribbles in pencil underneath the table.

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