ID numberRCDIG1000085
TitleAWM4 Class 32 - Schools
Collection numberAWM4 32
ClassificationDigitised Collection
Record typeSub-series
Object typeOfficial Record
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AWM4 Subclass 32/1 - Not allotted RCDIG1000882
AWM4 Subclass 32/2 - Australian Corps Schools RCDIG1000880
AWM4 Subclass 32/3 - Australian Corps Technical School RCDIG1000883
AWM4 Subclass 32/4 - 2nd ANZAC Corps Medical Officers Training School RCDIG1000881
AWM4 Subclass 32/5 - AIF Education Service Training School RCDIG1000884
AWM4 Subclass 32/6 - Australian and New Zealand Training Centre and Details Camp RCDIG1000885