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While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of data in the collection database, errors, such as typographical errors, can sometimes occur. Additionally, some captions were mechanically copied directly from the photographers' original shot lists. For this reason we do welcome assistance from the public in rectifying genuine errors.  However, the Memorial annually receives hundreds of suggestions for record amendments concerning identification of people, places and items.  Requests are assessed in the order in which they are received, and captions will be amended if and as necessary. You will not be contacted by Memorial staff unless clarification is required.

To assist us in assessing these suggestions, please provide the following information. Please note, the Memorial can only address amendment requests which provide relevant supporting documentation. Statutory declarations are not required. 

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Service numbers can be obtained from attestation papers held by the National Archives of Australia. Provision of a service number will expedite your query.
Please provide copies of, or web links to, supporting documentation; for example, attestation papers can demonstrate important facts about location and occupation at the time a photo was taken; official histories can provide data about places and dates; birth certificates provide full names and exact dates; manuals can provide technical information.
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