Harefield Park House was used as the No. 1 Australian Auxilliary Hospital from December 1914 until January 1919. Originally it was estimated that the house would accommodate fifty soldiers under winter conditions and 150 during spring and summer. At the height of its use it accommodated over 1,000 beds and had a large nursing and ancillary support staff.

Exterior of Harefield House
Harefield, England. c.1915. Exterior of "Harefield House" the former stately home taken over by the No. 1 Australian Auxiliary Hospital (1AAH) in 1915.
AWM P02402.005

Many awards and decorations were made at No. 1 Australian Auxilliary Hospital; one of note being to Staff Nurse Corkhill in September 1918. A magazine entitled the '"Harefield Park Boomerang" was produced from December 1916–December 1918. It is held in the AWM Research Centre serial collection.

Portrait of Staff Sister Pearl E. Corkhill MM
Portrait of Staff Sister Pearl E. Corkhill MM, Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS), of Tilba Tilba, NSW. Awarded the Military Medal, 28 August 1918, aged 31.
AWM A04728

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