Guide to the Appeals and Fund Raising Souvenir Collection


Title:Appeals and Fund Raising Souvenirs Collection.

Date range of collection: 1914-1990.

Scope and content note: Contains a variety of material associated with collecting money in Australia for many different causes during and after war. Among the beneficiaries of these efforts were wounded soldiers and their dependants, prisoners of war and civilians in countries other than Australia.

Provenance: Items in this collection have been collected since 1914 and come from a variety of different sources and donors.

Extent: 3 boxes, containing 29 folders, approximately 197 items.

Location: Published & Digitised Collections, Research Centre, Australian War Memorial.

Related collections: Anzac Day souvenirs collection, Concert and Theatre Programs Collection, First World War, 1914-1918.


Administrative information

Processing history: Guide updated and collection re-numbered and re-housed in 2002. Former series numbers are included in each entry.

Access: Open.

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Preferred citation: Appeals and Fund Raising Souvenir Collection, Australian War Memorial, Souvenirs 5.


  • Fund raising
  • Charitable organisations
  • Patriotic societies


Historical background

Appeals and fund raising

During the First World War, 1914-1918, a vast array of benevolent societies and privately run patriotic funds and charities were formed to raise money from the public to help support Australia's allies and its soldiers. Patriotic leagues and societies and other groups organised many different fund raising efforts, including raffles and lotteries, special "days" like "Win the War Day" and "Allies Day". Money and in some cases goods, like food, vehicles and whole buildings were donated by all members of society. These activities raised vast sums of money, estimated at in 1921 as being at least 12,121,872 pounds.

These private funds filled an important gap by providing the troops with warm clothing and comforts packages, by supervising the care and rehabilitation of returned soldiers and by raising relief funds for civilian wartime victims in Allied Europe.

Post war, funds were required for the erection of memorials, the care and upkeep of war graves in Australia and to assist returned war veterans.


Scott, Ernest , Australia during the war (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1938.)


SERIES 1: Appeals, 1914-1948

Subseries 1: Appeals for allies, 1914 - 1918

Series No. Contents
1/1/1 Belgian relief fund The series includes items relevant to the Belgian relief fund and to Belgian Day, 14 May 1915 (Was 1/2/3). (11 items)
1/1/2 Allies Day, 1916 Most items in the series were printed in Tamworth, New South Wales for Allies Day, 12 April 1916. (Was 1/2/3) (7 items)
1/1/3 France's Day, 1917 Postcards and other items advertising France's day, 14 July 1917. Two illustrated leaves: one is dated 1918 featuring 2 kookaburras, the other is dated 1917 and labelled France's Day. (Was 1/2/3) (14 items)
1/1/4 Croix Rose day, 1916 The object of the Croix Rose (Pink Cross) was to help the destitute girls of reconquered France and Belgium. The Western Australian branch encouraged all the girls of that state to collect money. The series contains advertising material and receipt books for the Western Australian branch. (Was 1/2/3) (15 items)
1/1/5 Franco Queensland League of Help, 1917 Chain letter to raise funds for widows, orphans and homeless children in France. (Was 1/2/3) (1 item)

Subseries 2: Appeals by women's groups, 1917-1918

Series No. Contents
1/2/1 Appeals by women's groups Women's Reform League "Seven Days High Market" advertisement, July 1918; The Women's Club, April, May, June 1917 calendar of events. (Was 1/2/13) (2 items)

Subseries 3: Appeals for funds for memorials, 1916-1948

Series No. Contents
1/3/1 Appeals for funds for memorials Advertising and other items relating to the collecting of funds for memorials, including the Anzac Day Memorial NSW, Merchant Navy War Memorial NSW, Memorial Playing Fields at the Sydney Church of England Grammar School NSW, the Anzac Memorial Hall NSW, and the War Nurses Memorial Centre VIC [2 copies]. (Was 1/2/16) (6 items)

Subseries 4: British appeals, 1915-1945

Series No. Contents
1/4/1 British appeals Advertising material and other items relating to appeals in the United Kingdom including: British Legion Appeal; Lusitania Souvenir Medal Committee for St. Dunstan's Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Hostel; Soldiers Relief Fund; Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund [4 copies]; Royal Army Temperance Association [2 copies]; National Sailors Society; Great War Fair (was 1/2/18) (RC06344) [oversized item]; Over-seas League Tobacco Fund; and Service Charities (Doodle Bugs Poster, RC07565) (Oversize). (13 items)

Subseries 5: Wartime appeals in other countries, 1914-1944

Series No. Contents
1/5/1 Wartime appeals in other countries Material relating to fund raising appeals in Ceylon, America, Germany and South Africa, including Disabled Ceylon Men's Fund, Ceylon; National Aid Society, New York; Comrades of the Great War (Ceylon) Association War Charities Appeal [3 copies]; German War Wounded; Navy War Fund, Johannesburg. [4 items]. (Was 1/2/19) (12 items)
1/5/2 Appeals in France 1915-1918, Boglio collection Fundraising badges sold by Germaine Boglio (nee Roquebrune) whilst a schoolgirl in Nice. The badges are entitled: Pour le Monument de L'Hartmannswillerkopf (1 item, 1 copy); Secours A L'Enfance and Journe de L'Enfance (3 items, 1 copy); Journe Nationale des Orphelins de la Guerre (3 items); Comitee de Patronage Nicois and Journe Nicoise (2 items); Journe des Regions 2 items); Journae du 75, 1915; Journe Nationale des Tuberculeux (4 items); Journe de L'Arme D'Afrique et des Troupes Coloniales (4 items); Service Social des Hopitaux de Nice and Journes du Poilu (5 items). (Donor Ref: RC06962) (27 items, 2 copies)

Subseries 6: ANZAC Remembrance Appeal, 1919

Series No. Contents
1/6/1 ANZAC Remembrance Appeal, 1919 Material relating to the ANZAC Remembrance Appeal of 1919. (1 item)

Subseries 7: Pre-First World War appeals

Series No. Contents
1/7/1 Pre-First World War appeals Material related to fundraising concerts and appeals held in Australia prior to the beginning of the First World War. (1 item)

SERIES 2 : Collector's badges for local appeals, 1914-1918

Series No. Contents
2/1/1 Collector's badges for local appeals Collector's badges and permits for many different appeals many of which were arranged by the State War Council Commonwealth Button Fund, includes Wattle day, Violet day and Red Cross day. (Was 1/2/14) (42 items)

SERIES 3: Fundraising days and events, 1915-1946

Series No. Contents
3/1/1 Australia Day, 1915 and 1918 Souvenirs related to Australia Day fund raising activities from all states of Australia. It includes collectors badges, an admission ticket and a raffle ticket. The money raised on these days went to Soldier's funds, wounded soldiers and widows and orphans. Australia day was on July 30 in 1915 and 26 July in 1918. (Was 1/2/1) (13 items)
3/1/2 Anzac Day, 1915 Official souvenir of Anzac Day - Eight Hours Day, Adelaide, 13 October 1915. The day was held to raise money for the Wounded Soldiers' Fund. (Was 1/2/2) (1 item)
3/1/3 Win the War Day, 1917 Official souvenir programme for Win the War Day, 24 February 1917 [2 copies]. (Was 1/2/4) (2 items)
3/1/4 Repatriation Day, 1916 Official souvenir booklet for Repatriation Day, December 15 1916. Includes program of events and the names of those assisting, as well as advertisements. (Was 1/2/5) (1 item)
3/1/5 AIF Memorial Day, 1918 Advertisements, stickers and collector's badges for AIF Memorial day, 2 August 1918. (Was 1/2/6) (18 items)
3/1/6 Soldiers Homes Day, 1918 Stickers and a postcard printed to help raise money for Soldiers Homes Day, 13 September 1918. Soldiers Homes Day was a fund to raise money to help construct housing for returned soldiers. (Was 1/2/7) (4 items)
3/1/7 Jack's Day, 1918 Flyers, badges and raffle tickets for Jack's Day, 1 November 1918. Jack's Day was a fund to help the men of the Navy and the Mercantile Marines. (Was 1/2/8) (18 items)
3/1/8 Sand Bag Day, 1915 Poem and miniature sand bag for Sand Bag Day, 10 December 1915. Sand Bag Day was a fund to help raise money for the creation of Sand Bags to be used to protect troops in the trenches. (2 items)
3/1/9 Win the war rally, 1940 Programme of events for Win the War Rally, 7 June 1940, Tamworth Town Hall. (1 item)
3/1/10 University of Sydney, 1924 Souvenir programme from the Annual Commemoration Students' Festival and War Memorial Fete, University of Sydney, 28-30 May 1924. (Was 1/2/17) (1 item)
3/1/11 Catholic United Services Auxiliary (CUSA) State Wide Appeal, 1942 Advertising material for Catholic United Services Auxiliary state wide appeal, October-December 1942. (Was 1/2/21) (1 item)
3/1/12 War Veterans' Appeal, 1945 Certificate used for the War Veterans appeal, 1945. The money was collected on behalf of the Parents and Citizens Association Miss Australia candidate. (1 item)
3/1/13 The Lindrum War Drive "Total proceeds from the sale of this book to the Red Cross and the Lord Mayor's Fund. Sponsored by Toohey's Ltd., Anthony Hordern & Sons and the "Daily Telegraph". Sold as part of Walter Lindrum's fundraising activities during the Second World War. (1 item)
3/1/14 United Charities Fund Rose Day, 1946 Card to identify 'Voluntary Helper' for the United Charities Fund 'Rose Day', 1946. (1 item)
3/1/15 In Aid of the Mission to Seamen, Port of Newcastle NSW, 1918 Leaflet to advertise picture talk by Rev. Hadden K. Vickery in aid of the Mission to Seamen, Port of Newcastle, NSW, Tuesday October 22, 1918. (1 item)
3/1/16 1000 Shillings Fund: Church of England Boys Society, c.1944 Book of tickets printed for a fundraising drive for the Church of England Boys Society, St Mark's Branch, Hurstville, NSW. Money raised was to go towards the work done by the Society in this parish. (1 item)
3/1/17 Thurrock, Wings for Victory Week - May 29 - June 5 1943 Programme of fundraising events in aid of the Fighter Command, Bomber Command and Coastal Command. Aiming to raise 300,000 pounds. (PUB00833) (1 item)
3/1/18 Penny-a-Plane campaign memorabilia - 3 stamp collector cards: For Promotion to Sergeant Pilot; For Promotion from Sergeant Pilot to Flying Officer; For Promotion from Flying Officer to Flight Lieutenant, plus 6 certificates: Promoted the rank of Sergeant Pilot in the Penny-a-Plane Campaign. (PUB019148) (9 items)
3/1/19 Operation Gratitude launched by the R.S.L. and citizens of Victoria. A program for the Grand Subscription Concert, in aid of Operation Gratitude, held at Memorial Hall, Canterbury, Melbourne, on Sunday, 10th June. ( PUB02638) (1 item)

SERIES 4: Patriotic groups,1916-1945

Series No. Contents
4/1/1 Mayor of Caulfield Patriotic Fund, 1939-1945 Booklet of receipt stamps for Mayor of Caulfield Patriotic fund which was created to raise funds to provide comforts for members of the fighting forces and the Red Cross. (Was 1/2/9) (1 item)
4/1/2 Adelaide Mayor's Patriotic Fund, 1915 Reports and forms for the Adelaide Mayor's Patriotic fund which was created to raise money for wounded soldiers and their dependants. (Was 1/2/10) (6 items)
4/1/3 St Kilda Patriotic Society, 1916-1917 Advertisements for activities to raise money for the St Kilda Patriotic Society, including carnival at Luna Park and festival, carnival and free lecture and concert at St Kilda Town Hall. (Was 1/2/11) (5 items)
4/1/4 Young Workers' Patriotic Guild Blank contribution card for Guild members. (Was 1/2/12) (1 item)
4/1/5 Victoria League Victoria League addresses and war service introduction card. (Was 1/2/1) (2 items)
4/1/6 17th Battalion Comforts Committee Information on how to send comforts parcels to the troops. (1 item)
4/1/7 Friendly Union of Soldiers' Wives and Mothers, Australian Imperial Forces Details of founders and organisers names and addresses. List of rules governing the organisation and membership. (1 item)
4/1/8 Sailors' and Soldiers' Fathers Association of South Australia Small booklet detailing members of council and the associations' Constitution. (1 item)
4/1/9 The Naked Truth by “The Vagabonds” in Aid of Siege Batteries 36 (Aus) Heavy Arty Group Comforts Fund for Xmas Boxes. Program containing cast list for production held at St James Hall, 8pm on July 18th 1918. [PUB04702](1 item)

SERIES 5: Funds,1915-1990

Series No. Contents
5/1/1 Australian Air Squadrons Fund, 1916-1918 Advertising booklet dated July 12 1916 and leaflet dated 27 March 1918 for the Australian Air Squadrons Fund to raise money for the construction of aeroplanes. (Was 1/2/15) (2 items)
5/1/2 Kitchener Flag Fund, 1915 Advertising material for the Kitchener Flag Fund in Melbourne. William Pearson Tewksbury, a successful Melbourne businessman, conceived the idea of raising funds for wounded Australian soldiers and sailors by raffling a flag autographed by the world's most famous men, including national and war leaders, Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, Prime Minister W M Hughes and General Sir John Monash. (Was 1/2/20) (1 item)
5/1/3 Australian Women's Army Service (AWAS) Prisoner of War Fund, 1943 Souvenir booklets relating to the work of the fund dated 25 July 1943 and December 1943. (Was 1/2/23) (2 items)
5/1/4 Buln Buln Shire Citizen's Spitfire Fund, 1941 A framed certificate from the Buln Buln Shire Citizen's Spitfire Fund to Prime Minister Menzies recording the donation of 6,607.14.4 pounds. (1 item)
5/1/5 Shell Staff Comforts Fund, 1941-1942 Souvenir items relating to the Shell Company of Australia's Staff Comforts Fund. (4 items)
5/1/6 King George's Fund for Sailors Fundraising badge for King George's Fund for Sailors. (1 item)
5/1/7 B-24 Liberator Memorial Fund Incorporated Leaflets relating to the B-24 Liberator Memorial Fund Incorporated, dated 1990. (2 items)
5/1/8 RAAF Locker Fund, Aircraft Exhibition, The Spitfire Show Leaflet to advertise exhibits in the show. (1 item)
5/1/9 Siege Batteries 36 Heavy Artillery Group. Programme for show by the 'Naked Vagabonds' to benefit the Comforts fund for Xmas boxes. (1 item)
5/1/10 The Grey Sock. First World War knitting booklet produced to aid the Soldiers' Sock Fund. (1 item)