Guarding the records

The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1945. AWM 100793

The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1945. AWM 100793

Primary students:
Encompassing the HASS, and Civics and Citizenship key learning areas, this program takes visitors through the galleries of the Australian War Memorial, exploring a site of national significance. Discover objects, works of art, photographs, and film from the Memorial’s collection that help to tell the diverse stories of men and women who have served for Australia from the First World War to modern conflict. Why do people enlist? How have conflict and peacekeeping impacted Australia and those who serve? What are some of the ways that we commemorate service and sacrifice? 

Secondary students:
While this program is strongly aligned with the History Curriculum for years 9 to 10, it is also suitable for years 7 to 12. During the program students explore personal stories and collection material from the First and Second World Wars. Where did Australians serve, what role did women play, and how did these conflicts impact Australia and our global relationships? Senior secondary groups studying modern history may like to request a specific focus relating to your unit of work, such as the Vietnam War or peacekeeping. 

Duration: 45 minutes 
Audience: Upper primary and secondary
Maximum number: Up to three classes (maximum of 100 participants) per connection. 
Cost: Free
Resources: Students will generally need access to paper and pencils/pens. Memorial staff will contact teachers if additional materials are required.

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