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Remembrance Day 2020 marks the 102nd anniversary of the Armistice that ended the First World War on 11 November 1918. In four years of global conflict almost 62,000 Australians died in the service of our nation. On this day Australians observe one minute’s silence at 11 am to honour those who have served and those who have died in war and on peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

Media are invited to attend the Remembrance Day National Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial on Wednesday 11 November.

Please note – as part the Memorial’s COVID safe operations, the location and format of the ceremony has been changed and there is limited space for media within the ceremony area. Registration (including names, mobile and email) is required for media seeking to capture the ceremony, and a walk-through and brief of the site is mandatory.


Remembrance Day National Ceremony, 10.45 am – 12 noon (approx.), Wednesday 11 November, Captain Reg Saunders Courtyard
The 2020 Remembrance Day National Ceremony will be held in the Captain Reg Saunders Courtyard on the western side of the Memorial grounds. The Parade Ground will not be part of the ceremony.

Media should arrive at the media registration area (located on the western edge of the Memorial Forecourt – see Attachment 1) no later than 10.15 am to sign in and receive a vest. Media vests are to be worn by camera operators and photographers while on site.

Media must be in the media area by 10.35 am and remain there for the VIP arrivals. (Wider access will be available after the ceremony begins).

The ceremony will begin at 10.45 am and is anticipated to finish by midday. The Memorial will open to the public with free timed-entry tickets that can be booked in advance for sessions from 12.40 pm through www.awm.gov.au/visit

Official Party movements
Towards the end of the ceremony, the Official Party will move through the Memorial into the Hall of Memory to lay floral tributes. There will be opportunities to capture the floral tributes, signing of guest book and a group photo. A group of up to six media will be permitted to capture this moment, pooling is encouraged to manage numbers. Please note - media must be escorted by Memorial staff and follow all instructions.

Press gallery photographers and camera operators are requested to make their own pool arrangements. All media in the Hall of Memory are required to practice social distancing.  

Last Post Ceremony and evening Commemorative Area opening
At 4.55 pm in the Commemorative Area, as part of the Last Post Ceremony, the Eulogy for the Unknown Australian Soldier will be read by an Australian Defence Force member.

Anyone seeking to attend the ceremony needs to have a free pre-booked ticket, including media. A limited number of tickets will be available to media seeking to cover the ceremony.

Media should park in the underground car park and proceed to the front steps, where they will be escorted by the Memorial’s media team to the ceremony for set-up. Please arrive no later than 4.30 pm. Fixed media positions are available behind the bollards and there will be a media split available.

Following the Last Post Ceremony the Memorial will host an evening opening of the Commemorative Area from 5.30 pm until 7.00 pm. Visitors are welcome to attend to pay their respects and visit the Hall of Memory. Visitors will not need to book a ticket for the after-hours visit, but will need to provide name and contact details for contact tracing purposes.



Media site walk-through *IMPORTANT*

Registered media are required to attend a site walk-through and briefing from 9.30 am – 10.00 am Tuesday 10 November. The meeting point will be the Captain Reg Saunders Courtyard. Media can park in the outdoor public carpark off Treloar Crescent and walk through the Sculpture Garden.

Media access, interview requests and doorstop on Wednesday 11 November
The Captain Reg Saunders Courtyard and part of the Sculpture Garden will be fenced for the ceremony. There will be a specific media area enclosed within the fencing which will have a clear view of the formalities. Media will have the ability to move to the back and sides of the ceremony within the fencing; however they are not permitted to move near guests or behind the formal proceedings.

Memorial Director Matt Anderson will have a small window for media requests prior to the ceremony between 9.35 am and 10.15 am. Corporal Dan Keighran VC who is delivering the Commemorative Address will be available to speak to media onsite from 8.00 am to 10.15 am

There will be a doorstop for media with Director Matt Anderson and Dan Keighran on the grass near the Forecourt where media registered at 1.00 pm.

Parking and road closures

Media are requested to park in the underground carpark beneath Poppy’s Café. Permits will not be issued, but as the Memorial is closed for the morning there will be ample parking on the day.

Given the modified format of the ceremony there will be no road closures in place for the ceremony.

Media infrastructure

An audio split will be available at the media tent for the National Ceremony. Please provide interview requests and information on the timing of live crosses prior to the day of the ceremony, including your power and cable requirements.

All equipment brought onsite by media should be test and tagged within date. Evidence of current public liability insurance and COVID-safe work practices should be supplied with upon registration.

ABC broadcast
ABC will provide a pooled feed of the broadcast for news highlights purposes only. It will have the ABC watermark in the top right corner. Contact Jen Rochford, ABC National Operations Planning Coordinator (E: Rochford.Jennifer@abc.net.au or 0409 814 828).


Media team                 (02) 6243 4575            0409 600 038  media@awm.gov.au

Greg Kimball               (02) 6263 6628            0402 800 649  greg.kimball@awm.gov.au

Attachment 1: Remembrance Day 2020 – Site Map (not for publication)

Attachment 1: Remembrance Day 2020 – Site Map

Attachment 2: Media parking map (not for publication)

​​​​​​​Attachment 2: Media parking map

Attachment 3: Media access map (not for publication)

Attachment 3: Media access map

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