Shairazi Bahari

Du'a in despair

Image of artwork

Highly commended

textile, repurposed fabric, wire
7.5 x 19 x 18 cm

Du'a is Arabic for supplication. The sculpture is a gesture of humble hands put together in aspiration for assistance when one is exhausted of options. It represents a symbol of hope in helpless situations. It serves as a reminder to myself to acknowledge my failures, my grief, my worries and my shortcomings, and to seek help and guidance to overcome these challenges in life.

This soft sculpture was made from hand stitched pieces of batik textile. The choice of textile is representative of my heritage and the life I left behind as a transgender woman in refuge starting a new life in Defence.

The sculpture was first drafted on my hands. The draft was then cut into small patterns and transferred onto the textile and joined together by hand stitching to create the form and details. The form was reinforced with repurposed fabric and wires.

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