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Changes to Fairburn and Limestone Avenue

Reduced Speed Limits:

From mid-July, speed limits will be reduced to 40 km/h on the sections of Limestone and Fairbairn Avenues that lead to and go around the Australian War Memorial.

New Coach Drop-Off:

A new coach drop-off and pick-up point will be added to Fairbairn Ave, on the Memorial side of the road, after the Anzac Parade roundabout. This layby point will sometimes be used for the arrival and departure of tour companies and school coaches, on the occasions when the usual points on our site are inaccessible. Please be mindful of increased activity in the area when this stop is being used.

Public Transport and Bike Paths:

There will be no changes to the Transport Canberra bus stops along Fairbairn and Limestone Avenues. Bike paths will also remain accessible.

Road and Street Works along Treloar Crescent

What and where are the works?

There are multiple activities occurring along Treloar Crescent which are described in the diagram and include:

  • Installation of a new water main on the northern side of Treloar Crescent, below Remembrance Park.  This will affect the footpath and road for a 50-metre stretch of Treloar Crescent directly behind the Australian War Memorial construction site and below Remembrance Park.
  • Installation of a new Australian War Memorial bus bay and stormwater drain opposite Campbell High School. This will mainly affect the Memorial’s side of Treloar Crescent. There may be some intermittent impacts to the road. These  will be managed by the contractors to perform the works safely and with consideration for the school’s operations.
  • Relocation of street lights from the Memorial’s side of Treloar Crescent to the Mount Ainslie side of the street.  Affected streetlights run from the corner of Treloar Crescent and Limestone Avenue down to Cobby Street. Street lights will be relocated in phases to minimise the impact of these works.

How will the works affect pedestrians along Treloar Crescent?

Pedestrians walking along the current footpath below Remembrance Park will be diverted to a temporary path on the existing road. Physical barriers and construction fencing will be in place to ensure pedestrians are safely separated from vehicle movements and construction activity in the area.

How will the road changes impact vehicles along Treloar Crescent?

Traffic will be reduced to single-lane, one-way traffic, along a 50-metre stretch of Treloar Crescent directly behind the Australian War Memorial construction site and below Remembrance Park.  Temporary traffic lights will be installed at either end of the affected area to assist with traffic management.  

During peak times traffic will be managed by authorised traffic controllers. They will assure safety for pedestrians and vehicles, and assist with traffic flow during these busier times.

The Temporary Traffic Management Plan has been approved by ACT Roads. The plan will be in place for the duration of the works.

How long will the works take?

Preparation for these works will start on Monday 15 November 2021 and are scheduled for completion at the end of the year, given favourable weather conditions.

Environmental management

The contractor will actively suppress dust and manage sediment run offs that are associated with the work.

How will parents be kept informed about project updates?

Campbell High parents will be kept up to date with any further road changes via the school e-newsletter and P&C meetings when requested.  



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