Graeme Cox

Moroccan market


acrylic on canvas
90 x 122 cm

Artist statement

My intention with this acrylic work is to capture the vibrant, colourful, crowded atmosphere of a Moroccan market with its many characters. My subjects are jostling to sell and impress those who pass by.

This scene appeals to my sense of adventure and excitement when enjoying the sights and sounds of exotic destinations.

I started with a loose style of brushwork, but I have enjoyed how the painting has taken on its own life over the past six months. I didn't draw up the artwork but just started applying paint without a definite finished product in mind. The subjects gradually emerged from the overlaying colours, readjusting lines, changing perspectives and playing with textures. To the amazement of my family I repainted and redid parts, often changing the subject matter, colours and techniques.

The work of Wendy Sharpe, who recently exhibited locally, inspired me; her keen eye capturing scenes as she travelled. Her loose and economic strokes of paint conveyed the atmosphere of many and varied subjects.

I trust that the viewer can not only see the sights but also sense the smells and sounds of this Moroccan market.

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