Yianni Johns

Temora flour mill


oil on canvas
38 x 152 cm 

Artist statement

I love the silos in the region where I live, the Riverina. I also love aircraft, given that my job in the Navy many years ago was as an aircraft engineer on Skyhawks. I also love architecture, and this painting is one in a series I am doing of important buildings or structures in the Riverina. I hope to capture them in art before they are gone. In this painting I chose the top of the local flour mill and silos. To ensure the place will be recognised I have included two warbirds screaming across the scene. Temora is home of the Aviation Museum, so this very much places this building in its time and place.

I have been an artist for many decades now. I am drawn to realism and representational art. I have been lucky enough to have my art exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Montreal, New York, Paris and Beijing. I have a studio in the village of Ardlethan, and a tiny gallery space in the town of Temora, 60 kilometres from my home. Art to me is as important as oxygen.

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