Cynthia Roberts



lino print
62 x 194 cm 

Artist statement

Through this artwork I hope to encourage conversation to help people who may be suffering from mental health issues to reach out to someone and find support.

I asked friends and family to help me raise awareness about this issue by submitting a photo of themselves expressing an emotion of their choice.

I hope to convey that by looking at an image of someone you only gain an impression of them in that moment. The only way we can know the person as a whole and what they are feeling is through conversation.

For this artwork, I converted each photo into a digital line drawing. Using pencil and pen I then transferred the image onto Lino. Finally, I carved out each face individually and printed each face by hand.

Creating this artwork was significant for me during a period of isolation and social distancing. I was feeling anxious, disconnected and overwhelmed. This artwork gave me a sense of purpose and a chance to connect. I shared images of the progress of this artwork with my community. With every line I carved, every print that was finished and every word of encouragement that I received I felt more connected and supported.

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