Glen Braithwaite



Highly commended

digital photograph
40 x 60 cm

Artist statement

COVID-19 restrictions meant that for the first time in 32 years of service I was alone and isolated on Anzac Day. Never have I commemorated Anzac Day without my family, friends or colleagues by my side. My normal long, sombre walk up Anzac Parade to the Australian War Memorial Dawn Service was replaced with a ten-metre walk down my driveway. The street was empty.

This image was created a week later as my attempt to portray the isolation and stoic mood I felt on Anzac Day. It shows the superficial aspects of service life, the medals, the uniform. But more importantly it reflects the internal character, the resolve, the sacrifice and the strength of those who serve; the isolation I felt on Anzac Day represented in one photo. 

My daughter assisted with the shoot by using the garden hose to create the rain. Ultimately it was a fun experience that reminded me of the value of family, and allowed my family to commemorate the Anzac Spirit in a uniquely 2020 way.

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