Talia Nicholson



acrylic on wood
20 x 71 x 2 cm 

Artist statement

I grew up travelling and although it may seem like the idyllic childhood, for an only child it was incredibly isolating. Very quickly I learnt to entertain myself, and become comfortable with my own company. From a young age I was fascinated with intricate patterns, vibrant colours and the art of repetition. Throughout my childhood and even as an adult, art has been a cathartic way for me to process many of my emotions and experiences. Although I studied art throughout my school years, painting really only became my preferred medium during my early twenties.

My artwork focuses on the rediscovery of those fleeting, happy, childhood memories. So often our most precious memories are not stored in photos, but in the crinkle of candy wrappers, the light through a window at a particular time of day, and nostalgic flavours. I want my artworks to remind viewers of these times, and bring a smile to their faces. I choose to work on skateboards and move away from conventional canvas because I do much of my blending with my hands, and find the size and shape of the skateboards to be a great challenge.

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