List of names of Victoria's naval contribution to the ANMEF

Transcript of article published in The Argus (Melbourne), 14 September 1914, p. 7.

Victoria’s quota.

Volunteers now engaged.

Interesting list.

The following official list shows the ranks, names and addresses of Victoria's naval contribution to the successful Expeditionary Force now in German New Guinea:–

Lieut. R. G. Bowen, Naval Staff Office, Port Melbourne. 
S.Lt. Chas. Webber, 51 Dundas place, Albert Park, V. 
S.Lt. Avenal Hext, 42 Findlay street, Albert Park, V.
Gnr. Young, N. S. Office, Launceston.   
Mid. Chas. Wm. Hicks, 11 Mitchell street, Northcote.
Mid. Richards Stanley Veale, 17 Findlay street, Albert Park.
Mid. Reg. Langdon Fuller, 2 Chester street, Moonee Ponds.
Mid. Colin Laurence, care of W. N. Edgar, Woodleigh, South Gippsland.
Eng. Mid. Harry Alexr. Willian, Victoria street, Williamstown.
Eng. Mid. Charles Matthew Cock, Mount Alexander road, Moonee Ponds.
Ag. Yeo. Sig. Cyril Motton Urquhart, 47 Page street, Albert Park.
Ag. Yeo. Sig. Wilfred Jamieson, 330 Montague street, Albert Park.
L.S. Percy Collier, 188 Albert street, Port Melbourne.
Acting Artif. Francis Geo. Caborne, 8 Johns street, Footscray.
1st Writer Ronald Fowler, 105 Verdon street, Williamstown, V.
A.B. Robert Williamson Goldie, Port Fairy North.
A.B. Frederick Horace Hale, 274 Russell street, Melbourne.
O.S. Geo. Archd. Allen Guthrie, 125 Adams street, North Williamstown.
O.S. Ed. Michael Smith, 86 Sutherland street, North Brunswick.
O.S. Oswald Geo. McLaren, 11 Nerford place, Albert Park.
O.S. William Nathaneul Gothard, care of Jenkins, Arthur street, Fairfield.
O.S. Charles Crage Philpot, 50 Davis street, North Carlton. 
Second Writer Leslie William Trickey, 124 Lord street, Richmond.
O.S. Alfred Henry Holmes, Golf Links avenue, Oakleigh. 
Sto. 1 Alex. Joseph Congues, 31 Cruickshank street, Port Mebourne.
Second Ck. Albert William Hudson, 136 Thistlethwaite street, South Melbourne.
O. Sig. Oscar Vincent, 4 Isabella grove, Hawthorn.
Second S.S. William Charles Parlett, 13 Launder street, Glenferrie.
Sto. 2 George Jarrett, Percy street, Portland.
Act. Art. Raymond S. Hammerburg, 300 Ross street, Port Melbourne.
O.S. Frederick Jackson Sinel, 17 Leek street, Yarraville.
O.S. Sydney Lewis Patterson, Gawler street, Portland.
O.S. William Higgie, 21 McGregor street, Middle Park.
Blacksmith's Mate Percy Reginald Harrison, 16 Railway street, Footscray.
P.O. Henry Richd. Orpen, 10 Sydney road, Moreland.
A.B. Rupert Leslie Bourne, Rossville, Speight street, Northcote.
A.B. George Nevington Spunner, 20 Bruce street, Kensington.
L.S. William George Redfern, Allestree, Portland.
L. Sto. Edward James Butler, 50 Ireland street, West Melbourne.
A.B. Vivian Pithouse, Pentinok street, Portland.
A.B. John Stubbs, 56 Chetwynd street, West Melbourne.
R.M.L.I. Alfred Mitchell, 9 Winter street, Melvern.
A.B. Joseph Henry Watford, 13 Princes street, North Williamstown.
A.B. Cyril Frank Hall, Falstaff Restaurant, Spencer street, Melbourne.
R.M.L.I. Sydney Edward Bunelow, 36 Ridgway avenue, Kew.
A.B. Thomas McCarron, 60 Lorne street, Moonee Ponds.
L. Sig. (R.N.V.A.R.) William Arthur Vale, 4 Sturt street, Collingwood.
T.S. Fred. Knight, 219 York street, South Melbourne.
A.B. Frank Caulton, 117 Stevedore street, Williamstown.
A.B. Herbert Campbell, Dover street, Williamstown.
A.B. Charles Burgess, Park crescent, Williamstown.
A.B. Leslie Miles, 359 Rae street, North Fitzroy.
A.B. George Royston McDonald, 100 Langridge street, Collingwood.
A.B. Theodore Sydney Hooks, 181 Pelham street, Carlton.
O. S. Frank Melbourne Robertson, 208 Albert road, Albert Park.
C.P.O. George Robert Palmer, 60 Fitzgibbon street, Parkville.
A.B. Harry Mumford, 7 William street, Yarraville.
A.B. Sidney Edward Staines, 108 McIlwraith street, North Carlton.
A.B. George Henry Elkine, 74 Francis street, Ascotvale.
A.B. William Walter Allen, Hurd street, Portland.
A.B. Nelson Blair Beglin, Hurd street, Portland.
A.B. James Dumbleton, 17 York street, Yarraville.
A.B. William Thomas Tonkin, 9 Evelyn street, Brunswick.
A.B. Arthur William Robinson, Cramer House, Cramer road, Beaumaris.
A.B. Frank Currie, 181 Pelham street, Carlton.
O.S. Henry James Merrick, 37 Garden street, Port Melbourne.
Sto. Arthur William Bennett, care of Mrs Waters, Little Collins street, Melbourne.
Sto. 1 William John Looby, 55 Charles street, St Kilda.
Sto. 1 Frederick Taylor, 14 Stawell street, Farnley.
P.O. 2 George Hunt, 401 Nicholson street, North Carlton.
M.A.A. John Hartley Beaton, 174 Osborne street, Williamstown.
Sto. 1 Thomas Cardoe, Broadmeadows Hotel, Broadmeadows.
A.B. Mordecia Bower Smith, Allambee, Yarragon.
A.B. Claude Bensley, 193 Kerford road, Albert Park.
L.S. Ernest Robert Midley, 6 Gillman street, East Malvern.
Sto. Charles Allen Harris, 157 Cruickshank street, Port Melbourne.
A.B. William Robert Turner, 181 Pelham street, Carlton.
Sto. Ralph Wickham, 33 Blair street, Brunswick East.
A.B. Robert Lawrence Martin, 49 Grieve street, North Fitzroy.
A.B. William Robert Hartwell, care of Parsons', Brooke street, Westgarth, Heidelberg.
L.S. William McLoughlan, 66 Smith street, South Melbourne.
A.B. Charles Keiller, Hurd street, Portland.
A.B. John Webber, 8 Alexander crescent, South Yarra.
A.B. Gordon Dundstrom (?), 39 Richardson street, Albert Park.
A.B. William Everest, 125 Stoke street, Port Melbourne.
Painter Harry Herbert Porfrey, 353 Coventry street, South Melbourne.
A.B. Cecil Percy Thoresby, 110 Inkerman street, St Kilda.
L.S. Robert Curwen, 35 Primrose street, Moonee Ponds.
A.B. George Alford, 96 Raglan street, Port Melbourne.
Sto. Leslie Sinclair Eastman, 617 Brunswick street, North Fitzroy.
L. Sto. Neil McDonald, 480 Albert street, East Melbourne.
Sto. 2 Walter Taylor, 747 Drummond street, North Carlton.
A.B. Frank Elliott, 151 Brighton street, Richmond.
Sto. P.O. William Geo. Thomas Richardson, 37 Railway place, Williamstown.
Sto. 1 Alexander Allison, 14 Gladstone place, South Melbourne.
A.B. Donald McLachlan, 83 Queen's parade, North Fitzroy.
Shipwright Robert Boyd, 76 North road, Newport
A.B. Donald Ross, 230 Richardson street, Middle Park.
Sto. 1 Charles Arthur Cook, 209 Grant street, North Melbourne.
Sto. Thomas Smith, 59 Nelson place, Williamstown.
Sto. James Fraser, Sailor's Home, Melbourne.
A.B. William Geo. Vincent Williams, 36 Beaver Road, Northcote.
Engr. Thomas James Hughes, Port Fairy.
A.B. William Knox, 56 Murray street, Prahran.

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