Names of 460 Squadron Crew Members flying in W4783 - G for George


*   Killed in Action whilst serving with 460 Squadron.
x   Killed in Action whilst serving with other units.
D of D - Date of Death.
AUS - Australian
KIA - killed in action
No known grave - These airmen are listed on the Runnymede RAAF Memorial, UK.

Ranks given are those held at the time of each airman's last flight in G for George, however post-nominals include subsequent awards. Service numbers are usually given only for those airmen with awards or who were killed in action.

* Ablewhite, E.J. Sgt. 1433368, D of D 17/4/43 (age 21) Germany. Buried Durnbach War Cemetery

Agg, C.E.M. F/O DFC, AUS 415211 of Crawley, WA. POW (camp L3)

Aitken, A.L. F/Sgt AUS

* Allen R. F/Sgt AUS A5182 of Malvern, Vic. D of D 23/4/44 Germany. Buried Grave 28, Synthen Haltern

Allsop, W.P. Sgt AUS

Anderson, C.R. W/O DFC, AUS 405535 of Clarence River, NSW

Anderson, E.H. Sgt AUS

Anderson, G.H. P/O AUS

Anderson, W. Sgt AUS

x Anthony, C.R. Sgt 1809483, D of D 2/11/44 Germany, 576 Sqdn RAF. Buried Rheinberg war cemetery near Krefeld .

Apostolides, J.G. P/O

Armstrong, M.L F/Sgt AUS A426484

Austin, J. Sgt AUS

Beard, G.R. Sgt

* Bell J.C. Sgt AUS 205848, D of D 17/4/43 Germany

x Beer, R.H. F/O 151422, D of D 28/5/44 (age 21), 103 Sqdn RAF. Buried at Eggewaatskapelle churchyard in collective grave.

Bentham, C. Sgt

* Bethel, S.J. F/Sgt AUS 411987, D of D 12/12/44, Berghausen, Germany

x Betts, R. Sgt 2203093, D of D 17/12/43 (age 19), 101 Sqdn RAF. No known grave.

Betts, W.H. F/O AUS 410209, of Victoria. POW (camp L4)

Bishop, K.C. P/O DFC, AUS 412378

Bland, A.P. Sgt

Bond, J.G.H Sgt. POW (shot down 22-23/4/44; camp 357)

Bowen, I.J. Sgt DFC

Bowse, I.V. Sgt

Britton, H.L. P/O DFC, AUS 413523, of Sydney

* Brodie, W. Sgt CAN R/132570, D of D 17/6/43 (age 25). Buried Brigg cemetery, UK

Brown, F.G. F/Sgt DFM, AUS A414461, of Allora, Qld

Brown, J.B. P/O DFC, AUS 421240

Bryant, Sgt.

Burbidge, F. P/O DFC AUS 415226, of Leederville, WA

Burrows, L.J. F/Sgt DFM, AUS A422122, of Hurstville, NSW

x Burton, W.T. Sgt. Possibly Sgt Burton W.T. 1609158, D of D 3/8/44 (age 22), buried Battersea (Morden) cemetery.

Butler, H.R. F/O

x Butterworth, J. F/Sgt AUS A408306, D of D 16/12/43 Holland (age 22). Attached 7 Sqdn RAF. No known grave.

Canvin, R.M. P/O DFC, AUS 411441

Carr, R.A. F/Sgt DFM, AUS A422127, of Sydney

Carter, H.G. P/O DFC, AUS 413528, of Camprie, NSW

x Casey, J.N. W/O AUS 421244, of Newcastle NSW, D of D 2/11/44 Germany, 576 Sqn RAF

Cheslin, H.K. P/O AUS, of Kew, Vic

* Clark, A.W. Sgt. 1387144, of London. D of D 17/4/43 (age 20), buried Durnbach war cemetery near Munich.

* Clarkson, F. Sgt 1007251, D of D 20/2/44, buried Hanover war cemetery

Cleverly, A. Sgt

Cochrane, D.H. F/Sgt DFM, 1395422

Colbert, J.D. Sgt

Coldham, P.A. Fl/Lt DFC & Bar, AUS 401908

Coles, G.H. Sgt, AUS

Collett, K.P. F/Sgt NZ NZ4222179. POW (shot down 22-23/4/44)

* Cooksey, R.F. Sgt 1335476, D of D 4/4/43 Germany

Coveny, R.C. P/O DFC, AUS 412914 of Wagga Wagga, NSW. POW (camp L3)

Critchley, J.A. F/Lt DFC, AUS 401614

Crook, C.T. P/O DFC & Bar AUS 408800

Cruden, D.M. P/O DFC AUS 422443

x Davies, R.J. Sgt. Possibly Sgt Davies, R.J. 575723, D of D 24/7/44 (age 21), 625 Sqdn RAF, no known grave; or Sgt Davies, R.J. 1603898, D of D 23/5/44 (age 21), 75 Sqdn RAF, buried Reichswald Forest war cemetery.

x Dawson, J. Sgt. Possibly Sgt Dawson, J. 1386587, D of D 3/10/43 (age 20), 623 Sqdn RAF, buried Hanover war cemetery.

Dellit, V.W. F/Sgt AUS A414542, of Brisbane. POW (shot down 19-20/2/44; camp 357)

Delohery, A.W. F/O DFC, AUS 411216

* Dobinson, J. F/Sgt AUS A410467, of Ivanhoe, Melbourne. D of D 2/1/44 U.K.

Dodds, J.A. Sgt AUS of Kempsey, NSW

Dorricott, L.W. Sgt

Douglas, R.A.N. P/O DFC, AUS A415239 of Mt Barker, WA

x Duel, A.R. P/O AUS 425623, of Banjo, Brisbane. D of D 5/6/44 UK, 27 OTU RAF.

Duffey, J.L. Sgt

Durrant, H.C. Sgt

Dyson, D.J. F/Sgt AUS A427309. Escaped capture 1944.

Easton, D.  F/O RAF 1555392, of Ireland; served as navigator for F/O J.R. Henderson’s crew from March 1943 to June 1945

Ebbage, C.W. Sgt

* Ebbott, E.C. F/Sgt AUS A409034, D of D 17/4/43 Germany

x Edwards, W.A. Sgt. 1652947, D of D 28/5/44 (age 20), 103 Sqdn RAF, buried Eggewaartskapelle churchyard, Belgium (collective grave).

Elwing, A. F/Sgt AUS

* Farthing, J.W.A. Sgt AUS A421860, of Sydney. D of D 2/1/44 U.K.

Field, L.M. F/Sgt AUS A35963, of Forbes, NSW

* Flitcroft, N.O.B. F/Sgt AUS A414549, D of D 17/6/43 U.K. Buried Briggs cemetery, UK.

Foley, J.E. Sgt

Galbraith, I.R. P/O DFC, AUS 406593

Gatward, R. Sgt

Gee, R.H. Sgt AUS

* Gent, D.S. Sgt 1334520, D of D 17/6/43 UK (age 21). Buried Brigg cemetery, UK

* Gill, H.J. F/Sgt AUS A420874, of Wentworthville, NSW. D of D 2/1/1944 U.K.

* Godwin, K.J. P/O AUS 412945, of Carlton , NSW. D of D 20/2/44 Germany (age 22). No known grave.

* Gooding, R. W/O AUS 401209, D of D 4/4/43 Germany

Gorrell, H. Sgt

Goulevitch, J. W/O DFC, AUS 414019

Gourlay, W. A. W/O DFC, AUS 408370

Grahame, J.H. F/Sgt AUS A415474, of Corrigin, WA

* Halstead, W.K. F/Sgt AUS A414349, of Townsville, Qld. D of D 16/12/43 UK . Buried Cambridge City cemetery, UK .

Hamilton, A.F. Sgt. POW (camp L7)

Hammett, A. H. F/Sgt DFM, AUS A400754

* Harman, R.T. Sgt 975077, D of D 17/6/43 UK , buried Twickenham (Teddington) cemetery.

Harris, K.E. P/O AUS 420189, of Rose Bay, Sydney. POW (camp L3)

Hartwell, H. Sgt

x Heath, G. E. F/0 DFC DFM, AUS 6025, of Croydon, NSW. D of D 29/6/44 France, 627 Sqn RAF

x Hedges, R.E. Sgt 1800194, D of D 16/12/43, 7 Sqdn RAF, Holland. Buried Lemsterland (Lemeer) general cemetery, Lemma, Holland .

Henderson, J.R. F/O DSO DFC, AUS 412810

* Hennessey, F.A. F/Sgt AUS A421331, of Campsie, NSW. D of D 20/2/44 Germany

Hetherington, R.M. P/O DFC, AUS 403242

Hill, A.C. Sgt AUS A427682, of Semaphore, SA

Hills, J.L. P/O DFC, AUS 415253, of Yearling, WA.

Hodge, D.F. F/Sgt DFC

Hodgen, O.F. Sgt AUS

Holder, R.E. Sgt

Hooper, K.E. Mr. (war correspondent)

Howarth, J. F/O AUS

Howell, J.R.E. P/O DFC, AUS 408334, of Hobart

* Howie, C.G. F/Sgt AUS A414938, of Ipswich , Qld. D of D 16/12/43 UK . Buried Cambridge City cemetery, UK .

* Hurley, E.W.J. F/Sgt AUS A405909, of Ipswich , Qld. D of D 27/1/44 Germany. Buried Berlin War Cemetery.

*James Sgt AUS. Possibly Sgt Kenneth James, D of D 21/4/43 NW Europe, 460 Sqdn

Jewett, C. Sgt

x Jones, A.V.M. P/O. 149560, D of D 28/5/44 age 26, 103 Sqdn RAF. Buried Coxyde military cemetery, Koksijde Belgium.

*Joyce, J.V. Sgt 1334423, D of D 25/7/43 Germany

Keddie, M.A. F/O DFC, AUS 403110

* King, E.R. F/Sgt AUS A411335, D of D 17/4/43 Germany

* Kirby, J.A. F/Lt DFM, AUS 405246, D of D 30/3/1944 U.K.

Knight-Brown, N.H. F/O AUS 403348, D of D 26/10/43 1481 Flt RAF, off UK.

Knott, G.W. Sgt

Lawton, R.W. F/O DFC & Bar, AUS 406599, of Perth.

* Lee, J.G. P/O AUS 403363, D of D 4/4/43 Germany

* Leggett, A.E. F/O. 1894509, D of D 31/3/44 , buried Durnbach war cemetery.

x Leggett, T.G. Sgt. 117474, D of D 28/5/44 (age 23), 103 Sqdn RAF, buried Eggewaartskapelle churchyard, Belgium.

* Lewis, G. E. Sgt 573570, D of D 30/3/43 (age 20), buried Hardenberg Protestant cemetery.

Llewellyn, A.E. F/Sgt AUS, of Sydney

* Lloyd, H. Sgt 1058003, D of D 4/4/43 Germany, buried Kiel war cemetery.

Longmore, R.J. Sgt AUS

Lord, D. Sgt. POW (shot down 22-23/4/44; camp 357)

Lukies, N.J. F/Sgt AUS A418440, of Cobram, VIC.

* Marley, G.P. Sgt 1677033, D of D 16/3/44 (age 19). No known grave.

Martin, C.E. W/Cdr DSO DFC MID, AUS 402059

Martingdale, T. Sgt

McCleery, J. F/Sgt AUS A415585. POW (camp L4)

* McDonnell, L.M. F/ Sgt AUS A414255, D of D 17/6/43 UK. Buried Briggs cemetery, UK

McGrory, S.R. D. F/Sgt DFM, AUS A404536

MacIntyre, W.F.H. Sgt AUS

* McKenzie, A.W. Sgt, D of D 27/1/1944 Germany. Buried Berlin War Cemetery .

* McKenzie, J. Sgt. 573805, D of D 16/12/43 UK (age 21). Buried Cambridge City cemetery, UK.

* McKinnon, A.F. F/Lt DFC, AUS 407531, of Myrtle Bath, SA. D of D 25/3/44 Germany

McWaters, H.J. F/Sgt AUS

x McWha, R.D. F/Sgt AUS A414816, of Cement Hills, Qld. D of D 16/12/43, 7 Sqn RAF, Holland. Buried Lemma, Holland.

Miller, K.W. F/Sgt AUS

* Milliner, E.A. Sgt 1197021, D of D 26/3/44 (age 33), buried Hotton war cemetery.

Mitchell, W.M. P/O DFC DFM, AUS 041058

Moodie, D.B. P/O DFM, AUS 414249

Moore, J.W. F/O DFC DFM, AUS 401711, of Casterton, Vic

Moorhouse, S.A. P/O DFC, AUS 410077, of Yarragon, Vic

Morgan, K.A. P/O DFC, AUS 420222

* Morris, J.N. F/O AUS 419274, of Melbourne. D of D 20/2/44 Germany

* Moynagh, R.A. F/Sgt AUS A407391, of Parkard, SA. D of D 16/12/43 UK . Buried Cambridge City cemetery, UK.

Murray, J.N. F/Sgt DFM, AUS A403067, of Rose Bay, Sydney

Neal, V.H. P/O DFC, AUS 410008

Nichols, A.W. S/Ldr AUS

Orr, W.M. F/O AUS 415384. POW (shot down 22-23/4/44)

Osborn, T.E. W/O DFC, AUS 411076, of Tuggerah Lakes NSW

x Page, D.A. Sgt. Possibly Sgt Page, D.A. 1336423, D of D 28/7/43 (age 21), 50 Sqdn RAF, buried Becklingen war cemetery, Germany; or Sgt Page, D.A. 1649720, D of D 2/6/44, 138 Sqdn RAF, buried Longue communal cemetery.

Parker, A.K. Sgt AUS

* Parmenter, R.S. Sgt 1804750, D of D 31/3/44 (age 22), buried Rheinberg war cemetery, Germany.

Pasco, G. Sgt

Patrick, M.M. P/O DFC, AUS 412028

Patten, E.C. F/O DFC, AUS 409437, of Hawthorne, Vic

Perkins, H. Sgt.

* Perron, A.E. Sgt CAN, D of D 25/7/43 Germany

Peters, G. P/O DFC, AUS 421030, of Byron Bay, NSW

Peters, N.M. P/O DFC, AUS 420044, of West Kempsey, NSW

* Pickworth, C.R. F/O AUS 421122, of Weston, Newcastle, NSW. D of D 2/1/44 UK

* Plummer, J.C. F/Sgt AUS A420050, D of D 17/6/43 UK. Buried Briggs cemetery, UK

Porter, D. Sgt

* Power, R.J. W/O AUS 409590, of Barfold, Vic, D of D 27/1/44 Germany. Buried Berlin War Cemetery.

Prentice, C.P. Sgt AUS

* Pridgeon, W.F. F/Sgt AUS 409221, D of D 20/4/43

Radcliffe, J.E. F/O DFC, AUS 408931, of Cobram, Vic

* Ralph, F.S. Sgt 149829, D of D 30/7/43 Germany (age 26), no known grave.

* Ranclaud, W..B. F/Sgt, AUS A405502, D of D 4/4/43 Germany

Ratten, N. F/O DFC DFM, AUS 402606

x Regan, L.T.D. Sgt 1653027, D of D 8/4/44, buried Cambridge City cemetery.

Richardson, I.R. F/O DFC DFM, AUS 401246, of Melbourne

Ricketts, R.J. F/Sgt AUS

x Ricketts, S.J. Sgt DFC, AUS A411383, D of D 14/8/43 (age 26), Irish Sea 1662 CU. RAF. No known grave.

x Robinson, C.L. F/Sgt AUS 412270, D of D 16/12/43, 7 Sqn RAF. Buried Lemma, Holland.

Robinson, G.H. Sgt AUS.

x Robinson, R. Sgt. Possibly Sgt Robinson, R. 2209379, D of D 1/6/44 (age 20), 138 Sqdn RAF, buried Bergen-Op-Zoom war cemetery, Holland .

Rogers, R.G.P. F/Sgt

x Rose, W. H. W/O DFC, AUS 405605, D of D 23/11/43, 156 Sqn RAF (age 22). No known grave.

Roser, E.G. F/O DFC, AUS 414367, of Mount Morgan, Qld

* Ross, E.J. P/O DFM, AUS 407562, of Prospect, SA. D of D 2/1/1944 UK

* Rust, B.K. F/O AUS 411192, D of D 4/4/1943 Germany

x Saint-Smith, J.A. F/O DFC DFM, AUS 403380. D of D 29/6/44 France , 627 Sqn RAF

Samson, R.S. F/O AUS 426771

Sanders, A.M. F/O DFC DFM, AUS 407933, of Virginia, SA.

Shaw, F. Sgt.

Shaw, W.C. Sgt DFM, 1813704

Slough, C.J. F/Sgt AUS

* Smith, L.C. Sgt 1271374, D of D 17/4/43 Germany (age 22), buried Durnbach war cemetery, Germany.

Starkey, W. Sgt

Stevens, P.A. Fl/Lt DFC & Bar, AUS 415190

Stewart, J.S. Sgt CAN R178699. POW (shot down 22-23/4/44)

* Strath, D.J.D. Sgt 1551143, D of D 17/6/43 (age 21), buried Banchory Ternan parish churchyard.

Sullivan, J.V. Sgt AUS

x Sutton, K. Sgt. Possibly F/O Sutton, K. 172499, D of D 4/3/45 (age 23), buried King Cross Methodist chapelyard.

Swinton, S.Mc. Sgt. POW (shot down 22-23/4/44)

Taylor, C.L. W/O DFC, AUS 405237, of Sandgate, Qld

Tindale, C.H. F/O DFM, AUS 413451, of Cremorne, NSW.

Turland, M.W. Sgt DFC

Wales, A.W. F/Lt DFC DFM, AUS 10991, of Hawthorne, Vic

Ward, J.F. Sgt AUS

Ward, P.W. F/O DFC, AUS 402626, of Denman, NSW

Warrick, N. Sgt.

x Waterman, W.M. W/O AUS 415061, D of D 16/12/43, 7 Sqn RAF, Holland. Buried Lemma, Holland.

x Watson, W.A W/O AUS 412327 D of D 16/12/43, 7 Sqn RAF, Holland (age 21). No known grave.

Webster, R.S. F/Sgt DFM, AUS A413053, of Canterbury, NSW

White, L.G. Sgt AUS

Whitehouse, M.R. Sgt

* Whiteside, S. P/O AUS 409632, of Korumburra, Vic. D of D 27/1/44 Germany. Buried Berlin War Cemetery.

Widdup, V. F/Sgt AUS A415596. POW (camp 357)

Wildman, R.A. F/Sgt AUS

x Wilks, A.A. P/O. 148331, D of D 28/5/44 (age 32), 103 Sqdn RAF, buried Eggewaartskapelle churchyard, Belgium (collective grave).

* Williams, J.N. F/Sgt AUS A416135, D of D 17/4/43 Germany

Wilson, E.H. Sgt AUS, of Sale, Vic

Wilson, H.T. Sgt AUS

* Worley, J.F. F/Sgt AUS A426412, of Murwillimbah, NSW. D of D 27/1/44 Germany. Buried Berlin War Cemetery (collective grave).

* Wortley, A.E. Sgt 1684238, D of D 27/1/44, Germany (age 21), of Leeds, Yorkshire. Buried Berlin war cemetery (collective grave)

* Young, W.A. Sgt 1480146, D of D 2/12/43 Germany (age 35), of St. Anne's-on-the-Sea, Lancashire. No known grave.

 Crew who flew G for George from UK to Australia Oct/Nov 1944

 Hudson, E.A. F/Lt DFC and Bar AUS   Pilot

Smith, F.P. F/O DFC AUS     Second pilot

Gordon, W.C. F/O DFC AUS     Navigator

McCarthy, T.V. F/O DFC and Bar AUS   Bomb-aimer

Tindale, C.H. F/O DFM AUS     Wireless operator

Young, G.B. F/O DFM AUS     Air gunner

Tickle, H. F/Sgt MID AUS     Senior fitter

Ower, K.A. Sgt AUS       Fitter

Further Information

    • AWM64 1/293 and 1/295, 460 Squadron's Operation Record Books, November 1941 to October 1945
    • AWM148, microfilm rolls 38, 39, 40 and 41, RAAF Members whose deaths during 3/9/1939 to 30/6/1947 were accepted for repatriation purposes
    • Roll of Honour
    • AWM192, Card index to Honours and Awards, Second World War
    • AWM88, Government House files re Citations (RAAF files 1, 1A, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7)
    • RAAF Discharged Personnel Records Section

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