Battle of Menin Road
ID numberART03327
Collection typeArt
TitleBattle of Menin Road
Measurementsheet: 54.2 x 76 cm; image: 54.2 x 76 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerPower, H Septimus
Place madeFrance
Date made1917
Physical descriptionwatercolour, charcoal, white gouache on paper mounted on cardboard
CopyrightCopyright expired - public domain
DescriptionPower shows troops in a trench moving forward into battle zone during the Battle of Menin Road, Third Ypres, Western Front, 1917 on 20 September 1917. Explosions of gunfire can be seen in the background and two aircraft are seen overhead. It shows the intensity of the British artillery shelling. Attacking in good weather, across firm ground and behind a creeping barrage of artillery fire, two Australian divisions, side-by-side, made good progress against strong enemy defences. During the First World War, the statue of the Virgin Mary on top of a church was hit by a shell and was put on a horizontal position and was near falling. The Germans believed that whichever side made the statue fall would lose the war. Some time after, the Germans captured the town and used the church tower as an outpost. British artillery fired at the church because it was an outpost and a shell hit the Mary statue which fell from the church tower. The Germans were happy and believed the British would lose the war, but one year later Germany lost.