The citadel, Peronne
ID numberART03377
Collection typeArt
TitleThe citadel, Peronne
Measurementsheet: 24.8 x 35.4 cm (irreg.); image: 24.8 x 35.4 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerScott, James F
Place madeFrance: Picardie, Somme, Peronne
Date made22 September 1918
Physical descriptionwatercolour, pencil on paper
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionDepicts the ruins of the Citadel at Peronne with debris strewn through the surrounding streets and soldiers walking around the Citadel. Peronne was the objective of an intensive series of operations mounted by the Australian Corps between 29 August and 2 September 1918. Surrounded by sturdy 17th century ramparts, the town was the centrepiece of a heavily defended area that dominated the crossing points over the Somme, which turned south at Peronne, and thereby blocked an advance on the Hindenburg Line. Peronne had to be cleared street by street, and it was not completely secured until the morning of the 2nd September.