[9 Squadron RAAF] Vietnam Reel 2

Accession Number F00451
Collection type Film
Measurement 18 min 15 sec
Object type Home movie
Physical description 8mm standard/colour (Kodachrome)/silent
Maker Hale, Graham Lloyd
Place made Vietnam: Bien Hoa Province, Bien Hoa
Date made 1968
Access Open
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC
Source credit to This item has been digitised with funding provided by Commonwealth Government.

Modifying the first RAAF gunship A2-773 UH-1H. To get the items i.e. two Mini guns (Gatling Guns), feeder, de-linkers, 16 ammunition bins, electrical control box, two rocket pods- originally seven rockets per pod, latter 14 2.75 inch rockets per pod. 2 pylons for the Mini guns. We exchanged 12 slabs - cartons of Australian beer 12x12 dozens cartons or big commercial cans of peaches or pears! We were the 'Kings of the Scroungers,' if things weren't bolted down at the US Army camps - we borrow them to 'recycle' them for our own use. The team for the first modification 314174 Sqn Leader Brian Leslie'Guns' Dirou - Pilot, 14405 Sgt Phillip Harold Hodge - Armament Fitter, 112843 LAC Neil Mervyn Timson- Armament,4237 Fight Sergeant Graham Kent'Blue' Downer - Electrical Fitter, 11863 Sgt Trevor Reginald 'Hack' Murry - Electrical Fitter, 23614 Sgt John Michael 'Mick' Collins - Airframe Fitter. Scenes from US Army - Air Force Airbase at Bien Hoa:USAF Fairchild C-123 Provider aircraft returning from aerial defoliating spraying. Flying over the Mekong Delta back to Vung Tau at sunset. This was a chopper change over and to bring back more Aussie beer for the RAAF detachment at Bien Hoa. Armoured Personnel carriers on the road. C-123 aircraft flying on an aerial deflioant spraying mission. Long Binh airfield. Bien Hoa airfield. LAC "Harry" Hallas,[56632 Peter Gabor Halasz] Engine fitter in the tower. 44119 John William Webb engine fitter. US Army helicopters returning from a mission. LAC John Ooms - Instrument fitter ready to go flying. US Army US premier Fast Attack Helicopter. Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra, - 'The Playboys.' 112843 LAC Neil Mervyn Timson- Armament Fitter. LAC Graham Murray - Radio Technician Air. The sharp end of a combat assault. A battalion change-over. Aussies out - Kiwis in. I was sent to a Fire Support Base with 32921 Sgt Kenneth Bruce Cantle Engine Fitter. Cpl 'Blue' Edwards Engine Fitter to an unserviceable helicopter with an engine problem. While we were on the ground I observed the Battalion change over. When I went out into the field - sharp end , I took a small camera, tool bag, flying suit, flack jacket, 9mm pistol, my movie camera and 12 reels of film. More ammunition aerial resupply by US Army Sikorsky CH-54 Sky Crane for the Australian gunners. 'Possum' Australian Army Bell Sioux helicopter of 161 Recon Flight for observation. American gunships covering RAAF 'Slicks' with toops aboard. APCs M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers. RAAF 'Slicks' bringing the Australians back and taking the New Zealanders out to the action. The firepower of howitzers - Australian gunners on the fire trail. Aircraft now repaired - flying back to base at Vung Tau. 222599 LAC Daryl Wayne Donnelly - Electrical Fitter. Asian variety band performing on stage at our movie theatre at RAAF camp Vung Tau. 222095 LAC Zygmunt 'Ziggy' Parnell, John Ooms, 111787 Leslie Robert Schafer - Instrument Fitters. Another Asian variety show.

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