The Bushranger Gunship trials before going operational

Accession Number F00456
Collection type Film
Measurement 15 min 50 sec
Object type Home movie
Physical description 8mm super/colour (Kodachrome)/silent
Maker Hale, Graham Lloyd
Place made Vietnam: Phuoc Tuy Province, Nui Dat, Vietnam: Vung Tau Special Zone, Vung Tau
Date made March-April 1969
Access Open
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC
Source credit to This item has been digitised with funding provided by Commonwealth Government.

Rocket attack caught on the airfield from the Viet Cong. A direct hit on one of the fuel farms tanks it burned for two days. Rubbish. Assembling a 'Possum' Australian Army Bell Sioux helicopter rotors. The fuel farm. Flying over the Delta for the Big Day of gunship trials. Armourers 219019 Cpl Peter Joseph Riley 14405 Sgt Phillip Harold Hodge loading 2.75 inch rockets - then seven per rocket pod. 314174 Sqn Ldr Brian Leslie 'Guns' Dirou Pilot of Bell Iroquois UH-1H A2 - 773 the first Bushranger gun ship. Live firing - fire one - it works! In slow motion from the chase helicopter. Now the Mini guns - BRRRRR! Another practice shoot. See the Tracer Orange Spots one in five rounds from a M60 machine gun. Now for a quick refuel. Reload more rockets, check the guns at Nui Dat. Shoot - a rocket. Firing M60s. Fire the mini guns - a wall of 'hot lead'.Ready - aim - shoot - the rockets 'woosh'! Twin deadly M60s arsenal. Back at Kanga Pad to reload ammunition at Nui Dat. Guns made safe. No volts check our rockets before shutting engine off. All Hands clear of controls. Crew reloading 7.62 mm rounds for the mini guns. New Huey Cobras in plastic protective covers. The rounds carried in the eight ammunition bins for the two mini guns on a "Bushranger" gun ship. Luscombe airfield strip at Nui Dat. Fire Station on airfield at Vung Tau opposite the RAAF Camp inside on the right of the main gate. Scene outside the perimeter fence from the RAAF Camp - the locals. Local workers going home at the end of the day. The Sentry from the Vietnamese Army. The Check Point. Aussie Camp - Washing Day - Monday to Saturday each week. Sandbag Bunkers. Thursday Is Your Pill Day! Chlora Quininne. Two per person per week for Malaria. The sign says -''You'd go crook if she forgot hers, today is your pill day!"

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