Krieg, Darsey Carl (Leading Seaman, b.1921-d.1988)

Accession Number PR03701
Collection type Private Record
Record type Collection
Measurement Extent: 2.5 cm; Wallet/s: 1
Object type Diary, Photograph
Maker Krieg, Darsey Carl
Place made Atlantic Ocean, Australia, Indian Ocean, United Kingdom
Date made 1942-1945
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945
Copying Provisions Copying is permitted for the purposes of research and study, subject to physical condition

Collection relating to the Second World War service of PA2062 Leading Seaman Darsey Carl Krieg, HMAS Quickmatch, HMAS Torrens, and HMAS Cerberus, Royal Australian Navy, Australia, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean , 1942-1946.

Wallet 1 of 1 – Consists of one diary and one photograph relating to Leading Seaman Krieg. The diary contains entries dated between 2 January and 6 March 1946. In his dairy, Leading Seaman Krieg writes about his experiences of service. Some of these experiences include waiting at a naval depot to be drafted, embarking on HMT Andes for the United Kingdom via Panama and Canada, going to dances while ashore on leave, completing an anti-aircraft gunnery course in the United Kingdom, serving in a raid on Deippe, France, in August 1942, being wounded by a shrapnel splinter beneath his eye, being drafted to HMAS Quickmatch, doing carpentry work, escorting convoys in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, undertaking anti-submarine patrols, being promoted, playing sports with crews from other vessels while at harbour, going to see films at the cinema, participating in the carrier borne air attack on Surabaya, Java, participating in the bombardment of Sebang, Sumatra, arriving back in Australia, marrying his sweetheart, Bernadine, being transferred to HMAS Torrens and HMAS Cerberus, celebrating Victory in Europe Day and Victory in the Pacific day, and the birth of his son. This diary also contains additional notes on significant events. The photograph depicts HMAS Cerberus. It bears the caption “The old turret ship HMAS Cerberus with a few scars” on the reverse.

History / Summary

Leading Seaman Darsey Carl Krieg enlisted to the Royal Australian Air Force on 3 March 1941. He travelled to the United Kingdom and completed an anti-aircraft gunnery course before serving in a raid on Dieppe, France. He was wounded by shrapnel in this action. Leading Seaman Krieg was then drafted to the HMAS Quickmatch, and served with the vessel in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. After arriving back in Australia in late 1944, he married his sweetheart, Bernadine. Leading Seaman Krieg then transferred to HMAS Torrens, and HMAS Cerberus shortly thereafter. He was discharged on 15 May 1946.