Neuve Eglise, Belgium. 23 February 1918. Group portrait of the NCOs of the 9th Battalion. Left to ...

Accession Number E01763
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made Belgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Messines, Neuve Eglise
Date made 23 February 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Neuve Eglise, Belgium. 23 February 1918. Group portrait of the NCOs of the 9th Battalion. Left to right, back row: 2671A Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) D. C. Fraser; 351 Sergeant (Sgt) D. Howell MM; 670 Sgt W. H. Rann MM; 680 Sgt S. J. Lucas MM; 2473A Sgt W. V. Campbell; 451 Sgt D. H. H. Brown MM; 4626 Sgt W. G. Lake MM; 6725 Lance Corporal (L Cpl) R. Clark; 897 Sgt W. Angus; 434 Corporal (Cpl) W. J. Dixon; 6970 Sgt W. Green; 815 Sgt F. Chalmers; 6336 Cpl A. B. McNab; 4166 Orderly Room Sergeant E. P. Cleary; 84 L Cpl R. Hooper; 2443A Sgt J. C. Steven; 2690 Sgt A. J. Young; 7114 Sgt F. L. Whyte; 2780 L Cpl H. W. Bell; 7281 L Cpl E. W. Leo (partially obscured); 3891 Sgt E. M. Richards; 2164 Cpl J. Hydes (partially obscured); 2593A Sgt V. J. Black; 2903A Sgt A. J. Sutton (partially obscured); unidentified; 5429 L Cpl A. Cuffe (obscured); 177 Cpl A. McCaughan; 621 Cpl W. Fennelly; 4191 Sgt S. Dales; 2811 Cpl P. J. O'Brien; 2677 Cpl E. Winter; 5658 Cpl J. Bovey; 5967 Sgt J. E. Marnane; 3903 Sgt M. V. Rolfe; 2705A Cpl S. G. Hedges; 4803 Sgt H. H. H. Hedges; 2646A Cpl D. G. McCormack (French) Medaille Militaire; 2722A L Cpl A. V. Jeays; 4544 Sgt D. MacDonald; 4453 Cpl C. L. Boyle; Lieutenant (Lt) J. P. Tunn Albert Medal. Third row: 6339 Sgt J. A McNoulty; 2823A Company Sergeant Major (CSM) C. A. Perrett; 757 Sgt J. Kearney; 319 Sgt B. H. Kendrick; 2187 Sgt J. M. McDonald DCM; 2759A Sgt W. W. Malin; 337 Sgt W. Jamieson; 7437 Sgt A. E. Bottomley; 2247 Sgt R. Benjamin; 4592 Cpl R. Gilchrist; 925 Cpl W. MacDonald; 2707A Sgt E. M. Hanlon; 5377 L fCpl G. Holloway; 2469A Cpl H. Williamson MM; 601 Sgt J. G. Allen MM; 271 Sgt J. Brodie MSM; 2466A Sgt H. Wootton; 2145 Cpl J. W. Goodspeed; 6632 L Cpl W. Terry; 2383A Sgt J. Headlam; 179 Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) G. R. Gray; 4194 Sgt G. Fortescue; 4234 Cpl E. Morrisey; 6761 L Cpl H. Clough; 3755 L Cpl P. J. Shannon; 2817 L Cpl H. Gash; 2797A L Cpl J. A. Nash; 6399 Sgt W. Parry; 2169 L Cpl M. H. Keane (standing behind Parry); 898 Sgt J. Hall; 4279 Sgt F. J. G. Rhodes; 4575 Cpl L. J. Stuart; 3383 Cpl J. A. Reynolds; 826 Cpl C. Emery (standing behind Reynolds); 2701A L Cpl A. R. Harding. Second row: 89 Sgt C. C. Bryce DCM; 896 CQMS G. Garven; 1370 Sgt A. Lee; 2033 Sgt J. Varcin MM: 305 Sgt H. H. Harley; 1329 Sgt F. J. Clacy; 315 Sgt E. Coles; 3108A Sgt B. Hooper; 495 Armourer Sergeant (Armr Sgt) J. H. Finlay; 102A CSM C. Turley; 1321 Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) S. Brand MM and Bar; 248 CSM F. Hills; 126 RSM J. F. Kelsall MSM French Medaille D'Honneur; 813 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) H. J. Bull; 115 RQMS W. Woodcroft; 618 CSM J. L. Brown DCM MM; 617 CSM O. Williams; 1701 CSM H. Todd DCM (died of wounds 11 August 1918);862 CQMS W. Lines; 5448 CSM W. A. Porter DCM; 2628A Sgt A. E. Green MM; 2207A Sgt J. Shepherd; 5805 Cpl N. H. Jones; 4603 Cpl M. J. Watts; 4591 Cpl H. Devries; 2332A Sgt W. I. Bocher; 3107 Sgt H. Rosbrook. Front row (seated on ground): 1922 Sgt R. Bull; 1748A Cpl B. Grimish; 2710A Cpl A. E. Wilson; 2611A Cpl P. R. Collins; 2814 Cpl H. Fortune MSM; 1041A L Cpl A. Hennequin; 926 Sgt H. Hodgson MM and Bar; 1511 Sgt G. Barr; 4616 Cpl J. Riorden; 699 Cpl H. Holding; 1005 Cpl E. L. Thompson; 2644A Cpl J. Ernst.