Kangaroo soft toy mascot : Red Cross hut, Rouelles

Accession Number RELAWM07953
Collection type Heraldry
Title Kangaroo soft toy mascot : Red Cross hut, Rouelles
Object types Heraldry

A soft toy kangaroo of naive design with glass eyes. The body fabric appears to be wool (maybe goat) woven or tufted onto a cotton backing, while the stuffing appears to be horse hair or kapok. The inners of the figure's ears, arms, pouch and legs are lined with sateen cotton and the overall shape is maintained by a metal wire armature extending to and including the tail. The nose is realised by a sewn "H" shape. The toy is made from eight seperate pieces; the body, pair of ears, pair of arms, pair of legs and the tail.

History / Summary

This toy kangaroo was used as a mascot in the Australian Red Cross Hut at the 1st Australian Convalescent Camp at Rouelles, near Le Havre on the Normandy coast during 1917 and 1918. Kangaroos (both real and toy versions) were a particularly popular choice of mascot amongst Australians serving far from home.

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