Nomex Gloves: Major K Tyrrell, Australian Security Detachment 9 (Baghdad)

Unit Security Detachment (SECDET) Baghdad
Place Middle East: Iraq, Baghdad
Accession Number REL37829
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Uniform
Physical description Leather, Nomex
Maker Hatch
Place made Pakistan
Date made c 2005
Conflict Iraq, 2003-2013

The olive green Nomex gloves have grey leather palms, inner fingers and thumb. A further strip of leather extends from the inner wrist to the base of the thumb. The gloves cover a third of the lower arm. The right glove is marked inside in white with manufacturer's specifications and instructions. The index fingers are missing from both gloves.

History / Summary

Major Kyle Tyrell was deployed to Iraq in March 2006 as the Officer Commanding Australian Security Detachment 9 – Baghdad (SECDET IX) and was deployed for 6 months. SECDET IX was responsible for protecting Australian Embassy personnel in Baghdad and contributing to the rehabilitation of Iraq. The SECDET team conducted over 80 operations supporting the Embassy staff in Baghdad’s ‘RED ZONE’. During his tour a number of significant events took place, such as contact with suspected insurgents resulting in one insurgent's death and injuries to others; and a rocket attack on the compound which housed SECDET IX on 14 August 2006 resulting in the injury of four Australian soldiers.