Bowman, Thomas H (SX9327, Lieutenant, 2/48th Battalion)

Accession Number MSS1965
Collection type Manuscript
Measurement 1 wallet: 1cm
Object type Biographical notes
Maker Wundersitz, Josephine Lavern
Date made 2008
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945
Copying Provisions Copying is permitted for the purposes of research and study, subject to physical condition

208 page manuscript entitled "My Four Uncles in World War II: Part 1 - Thomas Harold Bowman". This manuscript provides information on the life and service of Lieutenant T. H. Bowman (SX9327). The first section provides insight into the childhood, education and family life of Lt. Bowman. This is then followed by information on the relationship between Lt. Bowman and his wife Mary, and also their child Meredith. The main body of the text deals with the experiences of Lt. Bowman in the Army. His thoughts and observations on army health, travel, duties, friends, and training are all explained through the use of journal entries. The battle for Tel el Eisa is described in detail, with some additional coverage of the entire El Alamein battle being included as well. The death of Lt. Bowman is described, and several questions around the cause and location are examined using eyewitness accounts and available documentation. Additional material in the manuscript includes information on the following generations of the family, notes of a visit and tour of the El Alamein battlefield and cemeteries, and copies of letters from Lt. Bowman to his wife.