7.6 cm leichte Minenwerfer 1916 n/a Trench Mortar Clinometer and charge range scale

Place Europe: France
Accession Number RELAWM11608
Collection type Technology
Object type Artillery
Maker Unknown
Place made Germany
Date made pre 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Trench Mortar Clinometer and charge range scale with three main components:

- a steel range adjusting arm marked with inscribed hatches and range distances. Slightly corroded.

- A steel clamp which slides up and down on the range arm, and is secured by meansof a wingnut. The clamp is painted field grey.

- a bronze quadrant shaped body, onto which is fastened a pivoting arm with attached bubble level and primitive rear and fore sight. The quadrant is stamped with the serial number 3695, and a previously applied number 9592, which has been struck out. To the top of the quadrant is fastened a curved aluminium plate, onto which is etched five charge scales. The scale is marked with distances from 170m to 1300m.

History / Summary

This device was used with a light minenwerfer to establish the correct barrel elevation and munitions charge.