Chaffee (M24) Light Tanks in Bougainville (Tank trials

Accession Number F07353
Collection type Film
Title Chaffee (M24) Light Tanks in Bougainville (Tank trials
Measurement 19 min 36 sec
Object types To be confirmed
Maker Scale, Clement Stewart, Wood, Frederick Sydney
Place made Pacific Islands: Solomon Islands, Bougainville, Central Bougainville, Torokina
Date made 20 November 1945
Copyright Copyright expired - public domain

An Australian Army research film produced by the Military History Cinema Section and directed by G Armoured Corps on behalf of the War Office. This film was photographed during trials of the American M-24 General Chaffee Light Tank and provides a graphic illustration of the facts submitted in a report to the War Office. The tests included driving through swamp and undergrowth, steering continuously for 4 hours in low gear, mud trials along a 200 yard track with a Matilda tank used as a comparison. Recovery of a bogged Matilda tank by two M24 Chaffee tanks using a snatch block. Trench and creek crossing. Climbing trials. Armament test on Japanese style bunker using 75mm (HE) High Explosive with super quick fuse and delay fuse. Landing trials from a ALC 40 landing craft and subsequent trials negotiating the sand banks and turning on beach sand.

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