Tobruk siege

Accession Number F10059
Collection type Film
Measurement 3 min 58 sec
Object type Home movie
Physical description 16mm/b&w/silent
Maker Lumley, William
Place made North Africa: Libya, Cyrenaica, Tobruk Area, Tobruk
Date made 1941
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Tobruk, Libya circa 1941. Activities at the 2/4th Australian General Hospital. Shows men bathing in the sea. Washing clothes in sea water. Soldier dressed in a towel filling sand bags infront of uncompleted bunker on the beach. Soldier wearing British helmet emerges from same bunker. Shovels sand around bunker. Covering roof of beach bunker with sand bags. Pan of camp in desert - smoke from bomb or artillery explosions rising up in background. Long shot of beach area and tents. Soldier chasing football. Soldier mending net. Extreme long shot of formation of aircraft and possibly flak bursts. Two soldiers walk to camera carrying clothes and bag. Staff car drives past on beach. Surgeons at work in operating theatre. Operating theatre ? - very dark. Hospital ward - patients in beds. Medical staff apply band to patients head. Outside kitchen stoves. Soldier pealing vegetables. Soldier filling tin container from boiler. Soldier opening cans of food. Light military truck drives by in town. High angle shot looking down on military convoy. View from the back of a truck of the convoy. Indian Army truck driver in cab of truck. Truck drives by with two Indian soldiers standing on truck's duckboard. View from back of truck of another truck carrying a Hawker Hurricane fuselage. Interior of ruined buildings. Casualties on stretchers lying on floor of ruined building. Pile of wire frame beds outside building. Soldier examine burnt-out staff car [similar to the car at the begining of the film]. View of the 2/4 General Hospital complex. Interior of damaged buiding. Troops moving around town. Medical staff emerging from large bunker. Inside operating theatre. Patient on bed - view of patients legs. Moving casualties to ambulance from hosiptal. Rear of three paked ambulances. Loading casualties into ambulances. Ambulances drive off. View of hospital compound sandbagged walls. Damaged wall of building. Long shot of town - smoke from explosions in background. Troops running in town. Wounded soldier - bandaged head holds up damaged helmet. In operating theatre patient with bandaged head receiving treatment. Taking x-ray of patients head. Long shot of smoke from explosions. Hospital staff standing outside building watching explosions. Smoke from explosions. Two men outside of building - one sitting one crouching- opening envelopes.

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