Nippon News [1942?

Accession Number F03354
Collection type Film
Title Nippon News [1942?
Measurement 13 min 12 sec
Object types Newsreel
Maker Nippon Eigasha
Place made Japan
Copyright Copyright expired - public domain

Nippon News newsreel produced Nippon Eigasha [Japan Movie Company] 1. Standing before a Japanese national flag General Hideki Tojo addresses the nation 2. A montage of weapons production; tanks, aircraft and ships. Map of Asia and the extent of Japanese conquests. 3. Japanese cavalry, cameliers and artillery operating in Inner Mongolia or Manchuria. 4. Japanese warships in action. Shown are battleships and heavy cruisers. Japanese aircraft carriers and Mistsubishi A6M 'Zero' fighters and Nakajima B5N 'Kate' torpedo bombers on the aircraft carrier deck. 5. Japanese battleships and aircraft carriers in action. Aichi E13A 'Jake' floatplane launched from a warship's catapult. Longshot of formations of Japanese aircraft. Mid air shots of Aichi D3 'Val' dive bombers.

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