Souvenir de France

Place Europe: France
Accession Number PUB03268
Collection number Postcard Collection (Silk Postcards) 10/11/123
Collection type Published Collection
Record type Item
Item count 1
Object type Postcard
Maker Unknown
Place made France
Date made 1914-1919
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Embroidered postcard with image of rooster standing on what appears to be the sun and moon, with the flags of Portugal, Belgium, France and Red Ensign on the left of the rooster. Flags of the United States of America, Italy, Russia and Japan on the right of the rooster. The message "Souvenir de France" is embroidered underneath the image. Underneath the embroidered image is a printed black and white drawing of a man in coat and tails with wearing a hat and holding an umbrella. The drawing is titled "La Purée", drawn by M. (Monsieur) Guy Terrel des Chênes. Addressed by Private Thomas Bayne (1877) of the 56th Battalion.