Vroland, James Emil Huntly (Corporal, b.1891 - d.1915)


Collection relating to the First World War service of 855 Corporal James Emil Huntly Vroland, 23rd Infantry Battalion, Egypt and Turkey, 1915.

Collection consists of one black, faux-leather covered diary spanning the period the period 28 August to 28 November 1915, the day before Vroland's death.

Within the front cover is Vroland's name and a note stating who to return the diary to in the event of his death. The diary commences with Vroland about to board HMS Partridge as part of a convoy near Alexandria, bound for Gallipoli. During this journey submarines are frequently mentioned, including mention of a torpedoed transport ship upon which 50 lives were lost. Following his arrival in Gallipoli, Vroland describes taking a brief tour around several areas such as Lone Pine and Gaba Tepe, before being entrenched near Brown's Dip.

The next few months largely describe the weather, time off the front line spent visiting friends and swimming. Also mentioned are events such as shells exploding nearby and new tactics that are to be employed in the upcoming days. The last few entries refer to the weather getting colder, with the final entry mentioning snowfall.

Corporal Vroland was killed in action at Lone Pine on 29 November 1915.