7.6 cm leichter Minenwerfer 1914 a/A Trench Mortar

Place Europe: Western Front
Accession Number RELAWM05069
Collection type Technology
Object type Artillery
Physical description Paint, Steel
Maker Unknown
Place made Germany
Date made c 1914
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Early model 76 millimeter trench mortar. The mortar consists of a short rifled barrel with three recoil cylinders attached to the outside of the barrel. The baseplate is rectangular in shape and has two axle studs for wheels. Lifting eyes are attached to the corners of the baseplate. A monopod with an elevation adjustment wheel is provided. Limited traverse adjustments are provided with a scale plate on the baseplate. The mortar is made from ordnance steel. Markings - degree markings on traverse adjustment scales. The trench mortar is painted matt grey.

History / Summary

The 76 mm trench mortar was the smallest member of the Minenwerfer family. It was used on all fronts and was the weapon that gave fire support to the German infantry in all situations especially during trench warfare. The first model Minenwerfer had the square base plate and was used primarily by special engineer units from 1915 onwards. In the Spring of 1916 it was replaced by a simplified and lightened model.