Maxim MG08/15 Light Machine Gun converted to .303 calibre

Accession Number RELAWM30192.001
Collection type Technology
Object type Firearm
Physical description Steel
Place made Australia, Germany
Date made 1915
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945
First World War, 1914-1918

German Maxim MG08/15 Light Machine Gun converted in Australia to use .303 inch ammunition. The fusee cover, pistol grip and butt have been remade. The feed block has been modified and is stamped 9399. It is missing the muzzle compensator but retains its original round leg bipod. Overall painted green and has 9929 painted in white on the barrel jacket.

History / Summary

First World War German Maxim 08/15 machine gun which has been modified in an Australian Army workshop to fire British .303 inch rimmed ammunition. The gun was originally designed to fire 7.92 mm (.311 inch) rimless rounds. It was a trophy gun brought back to Australia at the end of the First World War. With a shortage of light machine guns in the early stages of the Second World War, it was decided to convert a number of these trophy guns and provide them to the Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC). Consequently, it has a number of unoriginal or converted parts. Nearly 1400 guns were converted using the method devised by VDC personnel from Waikerie, South Australia.