Reports and correspondence

Place Asia: Borneo
Accession Number AWM2017.7.150
Collection number 3DRL/6502
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 31
Object type Papers
Physical description 136 Image/s captured
Maker Harrisson, Tom Harnett
Place made Borneo
Date made 1945
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Records relating to the service of Major Tom H. Harrisson, DSO Reconnaissance Corps, British Army. Harrisson was seconded to Z Special Unit, Services Reconnaissance Department and served in Borneo as party leader on Operation Semut 1 during the Second World War. This file mainly includes reports and correspondence between Harrisson (A1), Cpl Charles Hardy (code H9), Lieutenant Robert Pinkerton (code P1), Capt Alfred George Blondeel (code B3), Lt Jeffery Westley (code W3), S/Sgt Douglas Bower (code B6), Captain Eric Edmeades (code E1), Capt Gordon Richter (code R3), Sergeant Frank Wigzell (code Y9) WOI Roderick Cusack (code C4), Sgt Charles Frederick Sanderson (code S3), WO Colin McPherson (code M1) and Lt Francis Leckie (code L2).
This file includes:
Note from R3 to W3 [Westley], 8 July 1945, [regarding serious position and requiring all soldiers and arms obtainable].
Note from [Loboeng]in Malay
Instructions from R Pinkerton on orders from A1 [Harrisson] to Bill, Roy, 10 July 1945 [prohibiting interference with local civil administration, issue of weapons for home guards, 'Wingate' complex, and distribution of captured cloth.]
Reports related to murders at Mensalong and Malinau, 9 - 13 July 1945 covering interrogations, deposition, notes on persons mentioned in interrogations
Note from [B3] to Major J.D. Emies, Malinau, 11 July 1945, [regarding allied planes bombing Mensalong and requesting him to advise Air Force HQ that there are no Japanese south of Labang]
Reports related to murders at Mensalong and Malinau, 11 - 14 July 1945, covering interrogations, deposition, conclusion from B3
Note from B3, 17 July 1945, [regarding sending reports on the murders of 1942, Japanese killed by Dayaks and his role ]
Note to Tuan Besar, Long Noeat, in Malay, 19 July 1945
Page printed in Malay headed Wahai Saudara2-Ku Pendudok2 Sekalian!
Note from H9 to A1 [Harrisson] or W3, Long Berang, 15 July 1945 [reporting death of a guerrilla from Loban pneumonia and 8 cases of TB.
Financial statement from Lt R Pinkerton accounting for cash received from Major Harrisson 8 - 26 July 1945
Note from G Kila, Long Nawang, in Malay, 23 July 1945
Sketch map [showing distances in days]
Four copies of a report from Chong Ah Ong headed Report of Medical Attendances from Chinese Dresser Bawamg Valley, 14 July 1945
Handwritten version of the Report of Medical Attendances by Chong Ah Ong , from Medical Department to Tuan Besar
Instructions from A1 [Harrisson] to B6 on movements and objectives.
Note from P1 to [V]7, 5 July 1945, reporting on native death, unexploded bombs in Lawas, move to Trusan, food position
Note headed Urgent List of Medical Stores urgently required at Lawas, 3 July 1945
Two pages headed Semut I - Pa Tengoa Liaison [regarding 'Times we will be clear of target', 15 - 18 July 1945]
Note from N7 to E1 requesting clothes and supplies, received 15 July 1945
Page headed Signal Plan to various locations - S Force, Trusan (R3) , Lawas, Kon, Trusan to Padas (B6), Trusan to (Y9), 15 July [1945]
Note headed Operation Wesley, 16 July 1945, [regarding the intention of closing the Kewaloek gap and drive Japs back]
Note from C7 to A1 [Harrisson], Long Berang, 7 July 1945, about proposed movement and his sickness
Note from C4 [Cusack] to A1 [Harrisson], Long Berang, 9 July 1945, updating previous report [item 63]
Note from J.H. [Pongajon], Long {Beroeen?] in Malay, 13 july 1945
Note recording drops on 17 and 18 July and contents
Note from L2 [Leckie] to A1 [Harrisson], Loembis, 20 July 1945 [regarding position in Penseagan and Sigital, lack of liaison with B3 and risk of firing on Long Boeloe troops
Note headed Standing Order A1 [Harrisson], 31 July 1945, about reporting faults in wireless equipment
Note from S3 to A1[Harrisson] headed Track Report, 31 July 1945
Report from M1 to A1 [Harrisson], Iburu, undated, [regarding information from prisoners and personal recce]
Weekly Report from E1 to A1 [Harrisson], Long Mieu, 23 July 1945.